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Predseda 05 November 2020 16:30

External links are gone
There is a malfunction in HOL, it doesn't show external links. Earlier this week some were working, now they are all gone.

lilalurl 05 November 2020 17:53

Report forwarded to RCK and Cody so that they can take a look.

DrBong 05 November 2020 19:21

Already reported it to Cody/RCK a couple of days ago in the private HOL migration thread. Cody has now fixed it! :cool

EDIT: Mods, please shift this thread to a more appropriate home like HOL suggestions and feedback. Many thanks in advance! :)

lilalurl 05 November 2020 22:32

Thread moved.

Predseda, it seems to be fixed now. Can you give a few tries and report any remaining issues? Thank you in advance.

Predseda 05 November 2020 22:46

Yes. I can confirm ít works now. This thread can be closed or even deleted.

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