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rich3174 04 March 2004 17:33

New user - OSX Panther & uae
Hey - I'm new to Amiga emulation - trying to set-up uae in Panther at the moment by mailing Richard Drummond some lengthy config files/terminal messages I'm sure he could do without

I don't have programming experience but I had an A500 a good 14 years ago and it's what got me into digital imaging / 3D (plus great games like Populous/Rock n' Roll etc)

any comments from people running uae in OSX are welcome


BTW - is it possible (if I had a working Amiga) to convert .adf files, drop them onto a floppy and run them on the Amiga ?:cheese

Akira 04 March 2004 19:29

For your last question check the forum's FAQs and use the search function, there's plenty of help about that, though mostly PC-based, there is no solution for Mac users actually, unless you are using ethernet.

Richard's experimental UAE ran just fine on my setup (panther, bloody hating it), but make sure you disable sound, because that slows things down pretty damn much.

rich3174 05 March 2004 18:03


I've got a problem with speed and a couple of .adf's that worked in the old maxUAE.22 but struggle now...

anyway - do you have any suggestions for config settings for A500 OSX UAE ?

Akira 05 March 2004 18:15

Sorry but not, I don't emulate as my only resource of amiga playing, so I just tried out the emu to see how well the Picasso thing run, I really want to use some Amiga applications in my Mac when I'm on the road.

Haven't found any speedup-ers, then again, I barely even tried to speed it up.

7-Zark-7 05 March 2004 18:26

A-HA! I always knew you were a lameulator!! ;)

Unless, this isn't the real Akira!:suspiciou :theparano

Has he been kidnapped by aliens,or worse, Fred?!:p
If he starts praising 3D games & Win XP, we'll know this is an imposter for sure!:laughing

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