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JZon 05 October 2016 15:06

WinUAE destop window scaling
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Hello. Brother JZon here. (WinUAE3.3,HP2000,Win8.0)

I can set WinUAE to open in a window of a size of my choosing, but it's not scaling to the size of the window. It's like a black border inside the window.

If I try full screen, I might can see maybe another row of icons, but there is still a big black border on all sides.

Is there a way to remove this?

Also, my chosen window size is 1360 x 590, my chosen Amiga desktop resolution size is 713 x 483. (in screen mode prefs)

Why would the destop page be bigger than (Windows) window if the window is 1360 x 590 and the Amiga desktop is 713 x 483?

It autoscrolls nicely, but I would like to get it centered with the full page showing.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated..

Thank you very much! JZonAttachment 50311

Toni Wilen 05 October 2016 17:23

Attaching config (and log) probably helps but it seems like you have superhires mode graphics but emulated hires support mode active.

JZon 06 October 2016 15:20

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I ended up spending some time tinkering around..

Are you talking about ResolutionAutoSwitch? (set to disabled?)

The filter feature has autoscaling, which works for a quick fix, or just choose 640 x 400 and it looks perfect. (also ramped up the native Amiga scaling, color, and dither quality, night and day)

The Amiga os (screen mode) is showing 'visible vew' as being 640 x 400. I'm confused, I owned an A500 with a genlock and was hooking straight to a TV. (and using DeluxePaintIV) The TV, if I recall correctly, showed a full 736 x 482 page (back then on WB1.3)

Did Amiga os downgrade with the A4000 to 640 x 400 visible resolution?

I'm trying to set up the screen on this laptop to have identical characteristics of an original Amiga. If I open DP4 I can still get 736 x 482, but the A4000 emu, of course, goes back to 640 x 400.

What settings do I want to think about if I want to emulate an A4000 displayed through this HP2000 laptop's 1366 x 768 screeen, as true to the original as possible?

I'm actually good with 640 x 400, I just can't wrap my head around what that would've ended up looking like on an A4000 with a genlock connected to my old 19" TV. (25 years ago, LOL)

Because 640 x 400 on a 19" TV would've had a big black bar at the top and bottom of the screen. (not to mention the sides, which if I recall correctly, were always there except when viewing a full size DPaint4 pic)

I guess I could narrow it all down to one question, did A4000 with a genlock hooked to the av input of any tv have the big black border on top and bottom? Or did they adjust it somehow to make it fit standard definition 713 x 483? And if so, what are the suggested emu settings to recreate that?

Thank you very much! JZon

(attempting to attach config file..)Attachment 50317

Toni Wilen 06 October 2016 17:17

Your config is weird.

- A4000T but normal A4000 ROM. (Just change it to normal A4000)
- CD32FMV enabled. That does not make any sense.
- Strange extended and cartridge rom selections..

There is no "true to the original" option. It is only in the eye of the beholder. There are too many ways to scaling standard PAL or NTSC image to higher resolution and all of them have different trade-offs.

Switch on native fullscreen, then Filter panel and switch aspect ratio to whatever you prefer. Then adjust size multiplers or use automatic scaling. Add extra filters if needed etc..

Borders were nearly always visible (unless program used overscan), genlock video image always filled whole screen.

JZon 06 October 2016 18:39

Much apreciated
Good. Good.

Thank you. Thank you.

Yes, inexperience. I'd been trying all kind of crazy configs to produce the proper end result. (almost insane, like back when I used to try everything to make C64 games work. :)

I wish I had an actual Amiga 4000 on a tube TV, to see what it looked like.

Yes, the filters. Hours of fun here. (Haven't had this much fun since 1987, thank you.)

Will clean up, dial in, and post back a screenshot of the final setting...

Thank you very much! Jzon

Standby.. .. .. ..

JZon 07 October 2016 01:24

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For my requirements, the choice is minimal..

I went with straight default (640 x 400) and adjusted the horizontal and vertical to - 252 and -84, respectively. I felt default would be the baseline signal given any set up.

Now I'm wondering if there was a way to change visible size within the Amiga os itself. (And like, it was complicated, but possible) Or, if I just made that up. (25 year blur)

How would one go about altering the 'visible size' and the 'page size' within the Amiga os?Attachment 50322

JZon 07 October 2016 01:31

Forgot Screenshot
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Also, is there a way to remove the trash bin and AmiDock?

Attachment 50323

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