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Goldrunner 30 August 2013 05:02

Terraform is a great utility for editing DEM files which can then be loaded into VistaPro for rendering. It was not made by the makers of VistaPro and yet it seems (to me) that VistaPro is not quite complete without it, just like not having Geomorph or Makepath!

Please help me find this great utility so we can enhance everyone's Vista experience!

s2325 30 August 2013 08:15

try ftp://easyjohn.dyndns.info/Amiga/CD%...2.1/terraf.dms

Goldrunner 30 August 2013 12:45

Brilliant :great

It works perfectly, I thank you kind sir!

selco 04 July 2020 13:17

Does anybody have the manuals for Terraform and Geomorph? Do they exist in electronic form?

selco 06 September 2020 14:16

Does really nobody have these manuals?

StrangeVoyager 16 October 2020 03:02

I have the manual for Terraform on the way. I'll scan and upload it somewhere and paste the link here.

selco 20 October 2020 13:17

:great That would be awesome!

StrangeVoyager 22 October 2020 20:27

The manuals for Terraform 1.0 and 2.0 have arrived, and I've just ordered the Geomorph manual. I'll try to find my scanner and cables this weekend, and if I can't I'll order a new one next week when I get paid (I need one anyway for some projects coming up). I will upload the scans to a Google Drive folder, along with a PDF of each.

StrangeVoyager 13 November 2020 01:08

Sorry for the delay, things have been a bit.. uh.. wild in the US. The adapter should be here Saturday. I'll start scanning the books as soon as I can. I also have the manual for Animation Station on the way. Once I have a few up I'll put up the Google Drive link.

selco 25 November 2020 17:04

Thanks for the info. Don't hurry, declare it as a XMas present ;-)

selco 14 January 2021 09:50

How is your new scanning doing?

StrangeVoyager 06 April 2021 13:29

Hey all,

Sorry for the long delay. Went through a bit of a sick period but am on the mend and still planning to scan these. Where I am now I don't have room for a scanner, so I'm looking at one of those cell phone document copy stands. The books are small enough that it should be doable. I also got the Imagine 3.0 Enhancer CD and X-Ray 1 (the Raytracing Enhancer CD) that I can upload.


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