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Dougal 24 February 2012 21:12

A2000 Agnus PAL/NTSC Chipmem questions
I replaced the Kickstart in my A2000 with a Kickstart 3.1 ROM which worked fine in both an A600 and an A500.

I noticed a glitch with the mouse pointer after upgrading the rom so i decided to try replacing the OCS 512K Agnus with an ECS 1MB Agnus i had lying around in my parts box.

Turns out it is an NTSC Agnus. I can't put the PAL OCS Agnus back in because it seems to have died now.

Anyway, with the NTSC 1MB ECS Agnus there are no glitches and the mouse pointer works fine. So must have been the PAL OCS Agnus dying.

I can boot up in PAL by selecting it in the early startup menu but i still have questions.

A: J102 is currently closed (from factory). If i open it using a knife to cut the solder, will it FORCE the A2000 as a PAL machine despite having an NTSC Agnus?

B: Instead of doing any mods to J102 should i look for/ buy a 1MB ECS PAL Agnus ?

C: I still have only 512K Chip ram despite the 1MB Agnus and 8MB Fast ram on my GVP HC+8. Are there any jumpers or mods i can do to get 1MB Chip mem?

The motherboard is a Rev 4.4

Dougal 24 February 2012 21:18

can i use this guide


Dougal 25 February 2012 09:05


Followed this guide


It is now PAL and 1MB Chip ram :D

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