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White 07 April 2021 15:04

Cirrus driver
to use the CLGD (Cirrus) driver in devs/monitor to enable it what do you need to have?

Thanks and sorry for the question.

Toni Wilen 07 April 2021 17:57

No one can answer this question without more information...

White 07 April 2021 18:36

Thanks for the reply,
I consider you a very prepared person and even if it is OT your answer and your advice is important.
And you probably have a complete picture of the situation and are able to solve my question.
Sorry if I ask you.

"" AmigaOS uses the hardware features of Sam460EX more fully than other OSes which means more needs to be emulated but some features are not implemented yet. This was somewhat improved in QEMU 5.1.0 but there may still be missing features that could cause different results than on real hardware. If you have a CLGD driver (not on the Sam460 boot CD by default) it may work with the cirrus vga emulation in QEMU but I haven't tested that. ""

sorry once again what would i need in sys:devs/monitor?
or am I completely out of the way?

I hope the question is right,
Thanks again.

-device cirrus-vga (enable the graphics card )
I guess then it doesn't find the driver in the system.

Toni Wilen 07 April 2021 20:49

This has nothing to do with WinUAE or classic Amigas.

Sam460EX is a PPC mainboard. (Similar to x86 mainboards, main difference is different CPU)

White 07 April 2021 21:29

Thanks for the reply.
and sorry again for the OT

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