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Rogueraven 27 March 2006 19:24

ClassicWB Lite

converting to NDOS and not booting on Real Amiga A1200

its loads briefly then boots straight to Harddrive, think someone might want to check it see if its not just my converting method,

grabbed another Real_Amiga_Install.ADF from one of the other versions, converted find and booted fine

Bloodwych 27 March 2006 21:08

Hmmm sounds strange as they should all be the same disks. All they do these days is unzip the system.zip file anyway. They used to handle the whole install procedure from workbench disks (which now runs from the HDFs), but it's just easier for people to do that on the emulation side first.

Thanks for letting me know - I'll look over the packs at the weekend and make sure everything is fine.

Rogueraven 28 March 2006 16:52

I havent found any problems with ClassicWB Lite on my A1200 yet so i'm guessing its just that ADF that might have a problem, or again my convertion method :)

and No Problem about letting you know, its the descent thing to do :)

i got a question thou not anything to do with ClassicWB but beings HDF's came up in this thread, i'm just going to ask it here.

how do you get a HDF to work on a Real Amiga beings you cannot emulate a harddrive ?

i got a HDF of SWOS, and wouldnt mind having it on my a1200 harddisk saves using floppies,

Bloodwych 29 March 2006 21:14

As you implied, a HDF (Hard Disk File) represents an actual Amiga hard disk, so you can't use it Amiga side. HDF games contain WHDload versions of Amiga games along with system/workbench files in order to boot up once mounted in an Amiga emulator.

The contents of a HDF need to be removed first using an emulator PC side then transferred over to your Amiga, very similar to how you installed the classicwb. A MUCH easier way though is obtaining WHDload versions of Amiga games and installing them on your A1200. Do a search on EAB for "whdload" and all will be revealed. ;)

Be warned though, certain WHDload games may require maximum memory available or tooltype parameters to be changed in order to work on a 2MB A1200. Again, start doing some reading on the forum.

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