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Belfry 11 September 2014 07:44

Amiga Forever 2013 Floppy drive sound
Still learning with Amiga Forever 2013 Plus. I have a problem since I started using WHDLoad under the A1200 emulations. When I run the A1200, I have the 'floppy drive THUMPING sound', as if a real Amiga was constantly reading an inserted floppy. Starting a game under WHDLoad makes the sound stop (or exiting A1200).

Can anyone help me? That constant THUMP is getting on my nerves...


! My original Amiga 1000 system had a 4 Meg memory expansion and 40 Meg external hard drive and modem!

ma693541 11 September 2014 11:45

Start Amiga Forever Player, Go to the Tools Menu item, Select Options at the bottom of the Tools Menu. Find the Audio Item and deselect it, it says "Emulate drive sounds" at the box there.

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