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Rapid_75 02 December 2021 10:12

[Found: Metal Masters] Robot fight game
Hi all,
Trying to find the name of this game that's been bugging me for a long time.
I vaguely remember a couple of details, but some may be distorted after all these years :)

- Robot fight game.
- Real-time, not turn-based.
- Had a "Configure robot screen" and "Match screen".
- Matches had a viewpoint from the side, with some dept (like Golden Axe).
- Kind of flat graphics, not vectorized/3D

- You configure/equip your robot before each match. A limiting factor was "available credits" using upgrades/credits earned from the previous game.
- Selecting different arms (laser, saw, sword, etc.) and legs, wheels, tracks, different torso, and head configurations...
- Only two robots fighting. You fight another single robot opponent.
- Energy bars showing damage state and remaining ammo/laser energy.
- The match took place in a single room with no side scroll outside this screen.
- Some strategy involved, but mostly just move in/out and forward/backward trying to find your opponent's weak spots for your strike
- The loosing robot was dragged out by a "service-bot".
- Possibly a game for 1 to 2 players, but I remember mostly playing against a computer-generated opponent on my Amiga 500.

Thanks, Hans

Superman 02 December 2021 10:26

It sounds like Metal Masters.


Rapid_75 02 December 2021 10:33

YESSS! It is Metal Masters! Thank you so much :)

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