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thinlega 30 July 2002 21:49

WANTED: Live! Real-time video grabber(pal)
I am after a Live! Real-time video grabber(pal) please mail me if you have got one for sale!!!


Akira 01 August 2002 06:42

Me too! Since I am thinlega's clone, I want that board as well :D

Fissuras 01 August 2002 11:28

clone? I must have missed this thread. I have an oooooooold Video Blaster (PC, ISA). Works only in PC with less then 15 Mb of RAM. So you may guess I dont use it much often. Last time was, say, 1993/94... It was the first of its kind, so it is crappy!!

Akira 01 August 2002 19:01

Yes, we are cloned :D

Anyway, this is NO regular Amiga video grabber... its got some utilities special for VJing. It processes the video feed in real time and makes software react to it. Really interetsing.

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