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Steril707 31 August 2018 16:17

Entry: Monkey Libre
Monkey Libre


Original concept:
Well, kind of... (not really... ;) )

Team members (Real or forum names):

Targeted spec:

Tools to be used:
VASM. FS-UAE. Ptplayer for audio playback.

Description of game:
A monkey working at the "Amiga Beach Bar" needs to get the ingredients for mixing cuba libres for his customers. Those ingredients are splattered on some platforms protected by fearsome critters like crabs, snakes, birds, etc..

Ian 02 September 2018 12:02

Discussion thread is here:


Please keep this thread clear for Steril707's updates only.

Steril707 08 September 2018 11:04

I wasn't aware that there was already a single screen platformer in development (=> Pumpkin Bros, which already looks all kind of awesome), so I will suspend work on this one.

Doesn't mean I won't do a game for the contest, but I wanna come up with some other game idea for "Monkey Libre" then... ;)

See you, guys...

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