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Fred the Fop 04 November 2007 14:26

1970's cutting edge computer graphics
Here is a archive of an old computer book that has some amazing graphics for the time. A lot of the work is pure junk, but look and see some cool examples.
It is cool to see how far they pushed the envelope then.


Done using a IBM 360/65 in 1976.


Dizzy 04 November 2007 14:55

nice finding :)

Charlie 04 November 2007 19:14

Interesting read

ganralf 04 November 2007 22:44

You can watch the helicopter sample on youtube. Link

Magi Synthavision was one of the companies that did the CGI for Tron, along with Triple I (Information International Inc.). On the Deluxe Edition DVD of Tron are example animations predating Tron (starting from 1972). Unfortunatly I only could find one of the shorts from Triple I on youtube clicky. Really impressive.

Marcuz 04 November 2007 23:25

the book at Atariarchives is not only a great read, but ihmo it shows beautiful works of art and, in a way, computer art way superior and valuable than what you see in the computer box these days, both in the entertainment than in the medium that delivers it.

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