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Sanxion 16 July 2017 09:33

Can't find the C: folder?
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Hi all

I am in the process of installing WHDLoad using the instructions provided by the person who I bought the 4GB CF Card from...

His instructions come in the form of five tasks that need to be completed.

The first is the installation of Workbench - which I have completed.
The second states: 'Add file in here to C' - this is the installer file for WHDLoad...however, I can't find the 'C' folder in the root of my hard drive, even though I can navigate to it via the CLI. (I also can't find the installer file from the C: prompt so I am stuck).

I have attached a screen shot of what I believe is the root of the C drive?

Can anybody help?


jotd 16 July 2017 09:48

C: is automatically assigned at bootup to DH0:C. Of course C directory must exist in the DH0: root

Sanxion 16 July 2017 09:51

Are you saying I can copy the installer directly to DH0?

thomas 16 July 2017 10:08

No, you should copy it to DH0:C.

You should learn that Workbench is not a file explorer. It is more or less a start menu. Although it is based on the directory structure, it only displays icons, not files.

To get a true explorer-like tool you should install a file manager like DirectoryOpus, DosControl or the like. Or use the CLI.

However, since version 2 of Workbench you can make hidden files visible by selecting Window -> Show -> all files from the menu.

fryguy 16 July 2017 10:24

C is not a drive like on Windows. It's a dir on the system partition. There's an assign called C: pointing to that dir (usually dh0:c)

C is short for Commands. There's also a dh0:S for Scripts..

If you type assign in a shell you'll see all the assigns made iirc.

AMIGASYSTEM 16 July 2017 12:21

"C" on Amiga It is not a volume but a system folder, the files copied in "C" will be found the same way if copied SYS (DH0 etc..). Of course the system folders do not have a visible icon, but as we have already said the Workbench since 2.x It can create the temporary icon if we ask from the menu. With systemi 1.x you can create icons with filemanager as Dopus4, DirWork etc..

Akira 17 July 2017 16:45


Originally Posted by Sanxion (Post 1171546)
I can't find the 'C' folder in the root of my hard drive, even though I can navigate to it via the CLI.

It will not show up on Workbench because that folder has no icon attached to it.
On Workbench, after opening the hard drive's window, right-click to show the drop-down menu and select Window -> Show -> All Files . All items with no icons in that drive will show.

Sanxion 17 July 2017 18:12

Thank-you. I have found it now.

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