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VincentGR 09 April 2021 10:55

Arcade (and more) source code rep
A friend informed me about this:


Here you can find source code for popular games like NBA Jam etc, etc.
I am not a coder so I cannot contribute.

Not forcing anyone to make something, I'm just going to leave this here as we have the best Amiga coders around.


ztronzo 09 April 2021 11:05

This is x86 assembly-code.
But I would love to see if "NBA Jam" could be converted for Amiga 68k :-)

Amiga always lacked in good quality basketball games.

kamelito 09 April 2021 11:21

Already posted :)

VincentGR 09 April 2021 11:25

Oh, so sorry.
Didn't see that.

kamelito 09 April 2021 16:33

No Soucy :)

jotd 09 April 2021 16:50

No soucy means "no worries" in frencho-english :)

Hedeon 09 April 2021 16:56


Originally Posted by ztronzo (Post 1475757)
This is x86 assembly-code.

Sinistar looks suspiciously like 6502.

VincentGR 09 April 2021 16:57


Pyromania 09 April 2021 16:59

I would love to see a version of Sinistar on Amiga. Can it be done, hint hint hint.

saimon69 09 April 2021 22:16


Originally Posted by pyromania (Post 1475866)
i would love to see a version of sinistar on amiga. Can it be done, hint hint hint.

beware - i live!

Pyromania 12 April 2021 14:42


run - coward!

phx 12 April 2021 17:53


Originally Posted by hedeon (Post 1475864)
sinistar looks suspiciously like 6502.


Pyromania 12 April 2021 20:35

What's the best website for released source codes of Amiga applications and or games?

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