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White 28 December 2020 10:52

OS 4.1FE and Classic 4.1.6 Voodoo 3 Warp3D test
I hope this topic is allowed because many applications work with voodoo3 and maybe it is worth continuing with the tests.
I would like to insert the applications and games that work to improve any support for the 4.1 version of amiga also with any external or internal corrections to winuae.

I also remember that many of these tests can be done with 4.1.6 Classic

-wipeout 2097 works perfect in window

dreadnought 28 December 2020 12:01

It seems a bit slow? The original runs at 60 fps. 30 fps, but seems much faster.

Mad-Matt 28 December 2020 12:21

It plays just like on original Amiga hardware so in that sense it is mission accomplished. Well.... once integration with aos3 is fully operational anyway.


andyhants 28 December 2020 12:29

So from what you guys are showing here - am I right in understanding that WipeOut 2097 could only run in a Window under native OS4.1 & not full-screen?

White 28 December 2020 12:31

Thanks for your video
i hope other users test warp3d with 4.1 the aim is to have more people doing the tests

30fps is fine too :-)

Mad-Matt 28 December 2020 12:32

@andyhants 640x480 has a refresh issue but fullscreen 800x600 1024x768 is fine but the game gets a little slower the higher you go. It was easier to record in a window without having to mess with upscaling for youtube.

White 28 December 2020 12:44

-PayBack works but has slowdowns apparently it seems in reading data or something like that I still haven't understood

White 28 December 2020 12:56

there is an underlying problem from how I was suggested the "GURUMEDITATION" or the DSI which is the underlying problem of why Warp3D does not work well with 4.1 when starting the "applications-games" if it were solved it would work much better and as if some instructions failed

Mad-Matt 28 December 2020 13:06

Payback runs way too fast in AOS4 for me. along withthe refresh issues the game textures flicker alot.

White 28 December 2020 13:14

If I remember correctly I replaced the prefs with the one present in the payback demo in the installation of the original cd and it seems to work but I did it a long time ago 'I don't remember

Seiya 28 December 2020 13:17

but how you run voodoo3 on OS4? i tried, but it remain undetected. Do you change from Picasso IV or do you have changed one and added the other?
However i tried every config, but Voodoo3 is unknown for OS4

White 28 December 2020 13:22

when installing the 4.1 system simply choose voodoo

winuae PCI
and mediator 4000mk2 Full PCI DMA
also for network and audio

Mad-Matt 28 December 2020 13:50


Quick vid of payback. Wouldn't want to play it with it running like this. Runs better in AmigaOS3 with 68k Jit.

White 28 December 2020 14:04

I have to reinstall it then and try again I used it just to test by reading the other posts with the tests for the cvision64

I tried just out of curiosity "spencer demo" written for "warp3d and nova" and it works but in some cases the audio stops.
Have you tried it? "OS4.1FE"

Toni Wilen 28 December 2020 14:05

Looks like it simply runs as fast as possible. Could be normal behavior and some vsync/frame limiter option needs to be enabled.

White 28 December 2020 14:10

I just wanted to report this using 4.1FE with "wazp3D" all these applications work the same obviously with a lower video rendering.
But the "DSI" problem always recurs the requester appears I ignore the error and then the application starts and works so I think there is something underlying that has nothing to do with Warp3D at least in part if it were solved it would be a great step for 4.1

thank you for your suggestion

White 28 December 2020 14:32

also works "Spencer" I forgot to allocate more memory
this is written for warp3D and Nova so I believe it is newer than QuakeGL executables etc.

White 28 December 2020 15:06

Also works Alien vs Predator (PC version)
without defects and out of parameters but this shows the emulation of the voodoo with winuae and of first quality.
There would probably be work to be done but the potential is there

White 29 December 2020 09:24

I read that there is now G-Rex + voodoo3 support in the beta of the day
I tried a clean install of 4.1 on reboot the screen stays black.
If, on the other hand, I modify an existing 4.1 installation with the "GRex" line in the startup-sequence and enable the G-Rex+Voodoo3, the boot takes place without problems and everything is recognized and works.

White 29 December 2020 12:14

-DemoPPC + Voodooo Work perfect (Rewarp)
I went back to looking better Rewarp I applied the patch correctly.
Now all DemoPPC + Voodoo works perfectly
textures are applied correctly and everything works.
Even the "DSI" or "GURUMEDITATION" no longer occurs.
Gears "Warp3D" still has transparencies so Rewarp can't solve the problem of transparency in the center.
Games like quakeGL etc. they still don't work with Rewarp
"Thellier" is it possible to work on this?
Could it help Winuae in some way to apply corrections?
Can it be useful if modified in some way?

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