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Freddo 27 January 2007 18:33

Online multiplayer capabilities within UAE

I reckon it would be a lot of work to get this to work, but figured I would register on this forum and suggest it anyway. After all, what else is a wishlist forum for?

Over the years me and my friends moved apart so playing old Amiga 2-player games nowdays is quite impossible. And at the same time I've gotten new online friends who are also fans of the Amiga and there are moments when we want to play something too.

So I would love some sort of online communication between two UAE programs on the net that act like one Amiga computer. So I could be player 1 and a friend on the other side of the globe could be player 2. It would be quite awesome.

Thanks for reading,

Paul 28 January 2007 13:04

Hi Freddo, Welcome to EAB :)

I know it's old, but you could use WinUAE - kaillera


Freddo 28 January 2007 13:25

Whoa! I had no idea such thing existed! Thanks a lot for the link, and the welcome! :D

Dastardly 28 January 2007 16:39

It would be nice to see built in online capabilities included with future WinUAE releases.

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