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Cassiel 20 July 2012 23:41

Potential New Amiga (ATTN mai/Crashdisk)
ATTN: mai/Crashdisk

FYI: http://www.tosecdev.org/index.php/fo...hp?topic=459.0

Looks like Duncan Twain has come into possession of some Amiga disks in amongst a pile of C64. Think he needs a bit of engagement to see these get to see the light of day... :)

lesta_smsc 21 July 2012 03:19

Damn - can't view as not a member.

PandMonium 21 July 2012 12:21

Ups, it's something like this by Duncan Twain


After our bi-monthly Commodore meeting at Maarssen (see http://commodore-gg.hobby.nl/index.php) I always take as much floppies with me that would otherwise end up on some garbage heap. So now I've got a few boxes in my attic which I'm now and then try to dump for Tosec purposes.

Recently I found a lot of Amiga disks in one of these boxes. I'm able to dump them, but my interest is more with C64 floppies (and believe me I still have plenty left to dump). Who want's to have these physical disks for dumping to Tosec if we can arrange some sort of easy handover?

Duncan Twain

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