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kiyosaru 25 December 2009 22:12

[Found: Theme Park Mystery] Futuristic game with subway train
Unfortunately I remember very few details, but I'm looking for the name of game where (I think) you begin in some sort of subway station where you board a train. It's in a futuristic setting and if I remember correctly the main character is wearing some sort of white robe-ish clothing. I also remember using a coin, maybe in a vending machine or something like that early on in the game.

It's an action game of sorts, and the perspective is from the side, can't remember if the screen scrolls or not.

Huge thanks to anyone who might have a clue what I'm on about!
I've tried Moby Games but haven't had any luck finding the game.

kiyosaru 25 December 2009 22:18

Correct! That was fast. It'd been driving me nuts for a while now, so thanks a lot.

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