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Konrad 05 July 2004 14:50

Future Wars, Crughon HQ
I'm just playing this game, but I'm stuck. I landet with the Crughon ship at their HQ. I ate the pill so I'm invisible for them. I leave the ship and this is where I'm stuck. The solutions I found say that I have to hide in the box to the left. But I'm not able to reach it, because the effect of the pill wears off way too fast. Also I can't reach it, the character gets stuck everywhere and stops moving. Anyway the movement of the character is awfully bad throughout the whole game :(.

Belgarath 05 July 2004 15:53

It's been a while since I've played this but I believe you hide behind the boxes first, so you are ok once the pill wears off as long as you are careful before making your way to the open box.

Dizzy 05 July 2004 16:41

When you land in the Grughon space station walk to the card reader and eat the
pill, wait for the guards to enter the room, then go out the door and you will
leave the ship, on the hangar floor walk down and hide behind the boxes, but
beware do not get to close to the guards because then they will feel you, and
you will be caught.
got it from gamefaqs

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