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ransom1122 30 May 2020 09:54

BOTSS III The Earth Defence Force AGA
Cosmo Ranger - S.O.L. AD 2000

andyhants 31 May 2020 13:38


Originally Posted by starlord (Post 1395414)
Many thanks. Maybe someone should include it in PD listings.


PD Listings ? Where is that ?

wizard1 31 May 2020 16:44

Hi ransom1122, .adf is in the zone for you

Aladin 01 June 2020 18:06

Plumpy OCS

wizard1 01 June 2020 21:53

Hi Aladin, whats this you`ve posted?. I d/l it and it wont open (access denied?), does`nt seem to have anything to do with the current topic?.

Aladin 01 June 2020 23:01

It's not an ADF, it's an executable, you must launch the game.exe file. I have decompacted the archive with total commander and copy the two files: game.exe and game.(I even created a generic whdload with). It's not the same game that Plumpy AGA, it's his ancestor.

ransom1122 05 June 2020 04:59

Transylvania - One of the best old skool text adventure games which has a high lemon score ;)

I remember first seeing this game on an Apple II very early 80's

DamienD 05 June 2020 13:14


Originally Posted by ransom1122 (Post 1405318)
which has a high lemon score ;)

LemonAmiga game ratings mean absolutely nothing, sorry... been abused too much by some of it's members.

DamienD 02 August 2020 17:52


Originally Posted by Aladin (Post 1404070)
Plumpy OCS

Interesting :agree

Where did you find these files Aladin; and any more information?

Seems to be 2 different versions:




...doesn't seem to progress past first stage; have collected all items.




Maybe RatInstinct can shed soem light... I'll PM him ;)

DamienD 02 August 2020 18:08

There even seems to be an end of level boss fight but can't hit him; therefore progress further:


@GMods; can you please move posts #404, 405, 406, 409 and 410 into a new thread named "Plumpy OCS"?

Aladin 02 August 2020 18:10

sorry, I have no more information, I had just tried it out of curiosity. It was while reading the information of Plumpy AGA (by Jason Lucas) that I saw the game was inspired by an old version for OCS (by Paul Tankard).

DamienD 02 August 2020 18:20


Originally Posted by Aladin (Post 1417895)
sorry, I have no more information, I had just tried it out of curiosity. It was while reading the information of Plumpy AGA (by Jason Lucas) that I saw the game was inspired by an old version for OCS (by Paul Tankard).

Ok thanks.

Both seem to be playable demos and are not complete.

qupe 02 August 2020 19:19


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1417902)
Ok thanks.

Both seem to be playable demos and are not complete.

I am trying to see if I can contact the developer as he made quite a few games for the Amiga, especially some of the better ones in SEUCK.

Sky Flyer (not number II), Intense Sector One Reborn, PeeBee. I'll let you know if I get a response.

DamienD 02 August 2020 19:26

I've created a disk for this OCS version of Plumpy, which you'll find in The Zone!


...guess this was "unreleased" for OCS.

Obviously there's the later, full AGA version; which is based on the above.

DamienD 02 August 2020 22:00

The whole reason I went into this thread today was for this purpose...

Given that WinUAE 4.4.0 has been released, time to update my games list; which currently stands at 3100 :great

This time I've added a total of 102 new games since the last update back in February:


20000 Leagues Under the Sea
Ace Ball [AGA]
Agricola  [unreleased] [demo] [Hard Disk]
Albion [AGA]  [unreleased] [demo]
Alcatraz' IQ Engine [AGA]  [unreleased] [demo]
Aqua [AmigaCD]
Baby Bug
Balder's Grove
Beneath A Steel Sky [CD32]
B-Noid [AGA]
Breach 2
Breach 2 (Enhanced)
Chess Simulator
Chicken Coop
Chinese Karate
Clu Clu Land
Dark Angel  [demo]
Dragon Slayer  [unreleased] [demo]
Dux    [hidden sub-game within Lotus Turbo Challenge 2]
Escape II (Kryptic)
Exitor  [unreleased] [demo]
F1 Tornado
Feudal Lords
Fred's Journey
Full Throttle [AGA]  [ScummVM]
Gallagher's Gallery [American Laser Games]
Gnome Alone
Golf Excellence  [unreleased] [demo]
Golf Excellence [AGA]  [unreleased] [demo]
Great Nations [AGA]  [unreleased] [demo]
Green Five
Hilt - Against the Hoardes
Hilt II - The Revenge
Hilt II - The Revenge (Extra Levels)
Hydra Castle Labyrinth [RTG]  [3DS conversion]
Inferno [CD32]  [unreleased] [preview]
Iron Hand
Italy Soccer '90
Justice  [unreleased] [demo] [Level 1 WIP]
Legacy (Redshift)  [PDA conversion] [unreleased] [demo]
Legend of the Exploding Fist [AGA]
Little Princess
Little Princess 2
Liverpool - The Computer Game
Lords of Chaos - 'Escape From Zol'  [demo]
Lords of Chaos & Lords of Chaos Expansion Kit One
Lost Dutchman Mine
Mad Dog II - The Lost Gold [American Laser Games]
Mad Dog McCree [American Laser Games]
Mind Walker
Omnicron Conspiracy
Paladin Quest Disk - The Scrolls of Talmouth
Phoenix Fighters
Power Labyrint
Push 'N' Shove
Rox    [hidden sub-game within Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge]
Skidmarks [AGA]  [demo] [256 colour]
Strike Force Harrier
Summer Olympix [CD32]
Super Pacman 92
Super Ski II
Super Wormy - The Worm-Like Snake
Suspicious Cargo
Swords & Galleons
Tass Times in Tonetown
Temple of Apshai Trilogy
The Ancient Art of War
The Curse of Monkey Island [AGA]  [ScummVM]
The Dig [AGA]  [ScummVM]
The Golem [AGA]  [unreleased] [demo]
The Griffon Legend [RTG]  [Windows conversion]
The Island of Lost Hope
The Keys to Maramon
The Labyrinth of Time [CD32]
The Legend of Kyrandia - Book 2 - The Hand of Fate [AGA]  [ScummVM]
The Legend of Kyrandia - Book 3 - Malcom's Revenge [AGA]  [ScummVM]
Tiny Galaga
Tiny Invaders
Tiny little Slug
Traps 'n' Treasures  [demo]
Vegetables Deluxe
When Two Worlds War
When Two Worlds War [AGA]
Wild Flying [RTG]  [unreleased] [demo]
Wild West World
Wipe Out
Zombie Apocalypse (Special Register Blitz User Version)

Complete updated list is here :great

As mentioned in my collection thread; it's getting harder and harder to find "decent" games to add so any more suggestions are most definitely welcome / appreciated :agree

qupe 02 August 2020 23:00

Hi Damien,

I know you have Galaga 94 in your collection, not sure if you know that's its a rip off of Galactoid released the year earlier using a lot of the same assets and levels. I guess it is what Harold Muller seemed to do. Balls rips off Pollymorf.


Blitris is a nice tetris clone
Galaxians v1.3 by Kevin Gallagher is a decent clone
Super Skiddy 3 - Things on ice is a decent 2 player racer.

All videos are on my channel so you can see what you think

DamienD 03 August 2020 00:48


Originally Posted by qupe (Post 1417984)
Galaxians v1.3 by Kevin Gallagher is a decent clone

I already have both of Kevin Gallagher's games; "Galaxians & Scramble" on one disk in my collection ;)



v1.3 seem newer though ;)

...but I'm not sure I like the grey background compared with dark blue background above.

qupe 03 August 2020 01:12

Yeah 1.3 was the last version released of Galaxians and was featured in Amiga Format.

I messaged Kevin recently and he wasn't too happy with it for some reason.

He has recently released Missile Command and is working on a Phoenix conversion.


ahmedahmed 06 August 2020 23:50

Great topic ...

malko 12 August 2020 01:08

not tested but looks interesting
- impsbru : https://github.com/approxit/impsbru
- (others games here : https://github.com/AmigaPorts/ACE )

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