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hipponess 12 December 2002 21:38

Puzzle game with tiles
Help me, I remember a puzzle type game that involved patterned tiles that you had to match up. there were piles of tiles and you could only use the top one in that pile. Don't really remember what it was called but it may have been called tiles, can anyone tell me if I am right?

NytroX86 12 December 2002 21:42

I think there are loads of games like this, like Mahjongg on th PC. I seem to remember one on the Amiga but there were probably lots of PD games like this.

Drake1009 12 December 2002 21:47

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Shanghai maybe? Or one of the many similar.

Funny though. I just went and bought a 3D version of that game today for the PC along with a PC enhanced version of think-X. Would've rather had puzznic with the easier to recognize bricks. Or Brix (from the PC) with acid and water and such. Well I'll see how enhanced it is anyway.

andreas 13 December 2002 01:16

Brix (PC) and Puzznic (Amiga) are utterly as like as two peas in a pod. :p
If I only knew who was first to steal the design and idea from the other :rolleyes

Drake1009 13 December 2002 08:05

I'd think that Puzznic was first. I never saw Brix anywhere near the C64 and Brix has too nice graphics (nice being relative here) to have been on the PC when puzznic was released.

Brix did have more special effects than Puzznic did though.

Tim Janssen 13 December 2002 08:27

Dragon Tiles
I remember a PD game on Amiga called Dragon Tiles. It is similar to Shanghai graphicwise except it has a blue colour in the background and could not be started from Workbench.

7-Zark-7 13 December 2002 16:30

@Tim. Was that the one that featured on a "The One" magazine coverdisk?

Tim Janssen 13 December 2002 16:50

I don't know...
The version of Dragon Tiles I have on my original Miggy came on a PD compilation disc featuring titles like Frogger and Super Pacman.

Akira 13 December 2002 18:21

I got it in an Amiga Computing coverdisk. dunno about The One.

Shatterhand 14 December 2002 03:34

I am pretty sure Dragon Tiles was in a The One coverdisk. This edition also had "Hollywood Trivia" , a trivia game about, guess what, movies, "Hunchback", a remake of the old 8 bits game, and "Omega Race", a remake of the old arcade game. This Omega Race, btw, rocked.

7-Zark-7 14 December 2002 12:52

@Shatterhand. Yep, thats it,great work!

Akira 14 December 2002 22:13

Well, it was in the Amiga Computing Coverdisk too, because I surely have it :D The issue is .... issue 47, April 92.

Check it out :)

Dalai 15 December 2002 10:44

Omega Race did indeed rock.

Marcuz 15 December 2002 10:59

me too i'm looking for one of these games, it came in a disk magazine, AmigaMagazine or AmigaByte, here in italy; it had a black or dark background...
any clue?

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