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IvorBright 23 May 2021 14:11

Running Amiga Games on PS Vita - uae4all2? bubbles?
Does anyone know of an easy to follow tutorial - for getting Amiga games to work nicely on a PS Vita?

In an ideal world - I'm after something like:
- A bubble on PS Vita which has game branding like Chaos Engine.
- You click the bubble and it brings you into an Amiga environment with that game loaded.

I don't want to load an amiga environment which starts a launcher with 100s of games.
There are probably 6-7 games that I'd like to play, and I'd like to have a "branded" Vita bubble for each game.

Ideally I'd love to play CD32 games on my Vita as the button layout etc should work well.
However - I'm not sure how feasible that would be to get working?

Can anyone help?

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