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AMIGASYSTEM 29 December 2020 15:00

As requested done test with log enabled = winuae.exe -log with today's version of winuae.7

Used OS 3.1 Standard, AMIGA 4000/040 Picasso IV Resolution 1024x768

WinUAE 4.5.0 JIT= Started Workbench 42 Seconds

WinUAE 4.5.0 No JIT= Started Workbench 42 Seconds

WinUAE 4.4.0 JIT= 3 Seconds

WinUAE 4.4.0 No JIT= 3 Seconds

I enclose config and log:

Toni Wilen 29 December 2020 16:50

Thanks. Fixed. Not sure why I couldn't duplicate it but your config had the long delay.

AMIGASYSTEM 29 December 2020 19:11

Ok now speed is back on my systems based Picasso IV, thanks to you for fixing ;)

AC/DC HACKER! 29 December 2020 19:38

Confirmed. Very cool!

DamienD 30 December 2020 19:09


Originally Posted by Toni Wilen (Post 1447599)

Final release will be delayed to beginning of 2021. Voodoo 3 and blitter updates (chip schematics "leaked") caused unexpected delay.

Beta 13:

- PCI Voodoo 3 3000 emulation from PCem.
- Fixed existing PCI bridge emulation memory mapped space address calculations (previous PCI boards were all IO only)
- According to Alice schematics, AGA delays blitter finished signal until last D write is done (2 cycles later, only if not line mode and D is enabled). Previous chipsets clear blitter busy (and trigger interrupt) when last D write still pending.
- Added GVP G-Force040. Basically same as G-Force030 (same ROM, same memory config), different internal GVP hardware ID.
- Fixed GUI debugger hang if something was selected in debugger and then focus was changed.
- MAST Fireball DMA address pointer handling fix, some address nybbles were decoded incorrectly. (I did say it has really strange DMA address pointer setup)
- PCem RTG boards didn't always refresh screen fully when switching modes.
- b12 blitter fixes, start up delay was 1 cycle too long, idle cycle before final D write does not need to be free cycle.
- b12 blitter fixes, blitter fill mode setup missed some conditions.
- Mainboard RAM settings disappeared in b11.
- GD5446 (Picasso IV) blitter fix, "Invert Color Expand Source Sense" bit was not handled correctly in all blitter modes. (For example caused MUI 3.8 "REGISTER NOW" window corruption)

Vooodoo 3 3000 details: (Discussion thread here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=1447598)
- 16M VRAM (max supported) First hardware emulated board that supports full HD at 32-bit.
- PCI board, PCI bridgeboard must be also configured.
- BIOS ROM seems to be required (at least Mediator Voodoo Picasso96 driver reads some data from BIOS), currently must be in ROM path and named voodoo3.rom. Must be from PCI Voodoo 3 3000.
- Native/RTG switching is implemented by checking status of SVGA screen blank bit. Might not always work correctly.
- Hardware accelerated 3D confirmed working. (This is also partially JIT accelerated so it should be much faster than CV643D)
- PCI to PCI DMA supported, compatible with Voodoo 3 + SB128 or FM801 sound card Mediator DMA hack.

NOTE: At least Cirrus logic based chipsets have JIT related problems (weird looking corruption if JIT is enabeld).

Thought I'd better test the latest beta, as I usually do, with all the usual 30 x games that have given me slight issues over the years.

Happy to say that all were fine ;)

...except Aladdin [AGA].

You now no longer see these screens, and just black:




Also, had some slight cracks / pops with some games, even though CPU usage was no where near 100%. Two examples are Agony [AGA] and Disposible Hero.

Zarnal 30 December 2020 19:49


Are you sure for Aladdin ?

I can't reproduce your issue ( WHDLoad or floppy disks versions ).

DamienD 30 December 2020 20:03


Originally Posted by Zarnal (Post 1449556)

Are you sure for Aladdin ?

I can't reproduce your issue ( WHDLoad or floppy versions ).

Weird, happened for me using my usual config and an A1200 Quickstart.

Just played around; I usually have 3 x drives enabled and all is good.

If I only have 2 x drives enabled, then everything works as expected ;)

Edit: actually, it seems to be a combination, now I need to only have 2 x disk drives enabled and nothing above Floppy Drive Emulation = 400% set.

Previously in v4.4.0, I could have 3 x disk drives enabled and Floppy Drive Emulation = 800% set.

AC/DC HACKER! 30 December 2020 20:41


If I use, with latest winuae.7z, A1200 Quickstart and Set configuration, and insert first floppy..I see the trainer screen, from there the normal boot process happens, and I see the animated main menu.

If I use Quickstart and select A4000..Set config, insert disks and start..it'll Guru with 68040/60 unless Cycle Exact DMA is enabled. Then it'll boot fine. If Cycle Exact DMA isn't selected and 68040 is used, I notice a black screen but the music plays.

If I use Quickstart A1200 and change to config to 4MB Fast RAM expanded configuration then I see the trainer screen, but after that the game used floppy 1 to load, then uses floppy 2 a little, then I hear the music and only see a black screen. I'm exit WinUAE for each test.

I haven't gone past the main menu of the game yet. I want to see what would happen. :)

DamienD 30 December 2020 20:58

I'm good now AC/DC HACKER, and figured out what caused the issues ;)

My issues were as detailed in my edit i.e. having 3 x disk drives and 800% Floppy Drive Emulation set (which works fine in v4.4.0).

So now my config has been adjusted to be:
  • CPU = 68020
  • Chipset = AGA and Cycle-exact (Full) ticked
  • ROM = KS ROM v3.1 (A1200)
  • RAM = 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast
  • Only 2 disk drives enabled and no more than 400% Floppy Drive Emulation.

AC/DC HACKER! 30 December 2020 21:09

Now I see that...I was testing and typing before I saw your reply. :) I had a sense to check drive speed but didn't do it. Anyway, glad you got it and it's all good now. :)

thomas 02 January 2021 14:36

4 Attachment(s)
I get major graphics corruption with PicassoIV emulation in all 4.5.0 betas.

However, in 4.4.0 the screenshot is not saved correctly if "before filtering" is checked.

Logs, config and test ADF in PIV.zip

Toni Wilen 02 January 2021 15:17


Originally Posted by thomas (Post 1450117)
I get major graphics corruption with PicassoIV emulation in all 4.5.0 betas.

However, in 4.4.0 the screenshot is not saved correctly if "before filtering" is checked.

Logs, config and test ADF in PIV.zip

If it is JIT-only, it is already fixed.

thomas 02 January 2021 16:00

Yes, seems like disabling JIT fixes it.

Toni Wilen 02 January 2021 16:00


Beta 14:

- Fixed possible out of bounds array access when virtual mouse driver is installed.
- Added more strict coordinate/size validation to uaegfx blitter functions.
- JIT shift instruction fix rewrite, they still didn't work fully correctly and my tester didn't catch them because JIT uses registers differently in different use cases etc.. But it did break most Cirrus Logic based chipset Picasso96 drivers. Corrupt icons and text, at least with some Picasso96 versions. (Still need more optimal fix later)
- Improved PCem RTG mode scanline based display update timing.
- CyberVision64 (S3Trio64) vsync interrupt fix, could have caused stuck interrupt when monitor driver was started.
- Hardware emulated RTG boards interlace modes fixed (again).
- Gaps between on screen leds are now smaller.
- FAS246 SCSI chip apparently has Features Enable always set (or bit does not exist anymore). DKB RapidFire tests if transfer count high register works (write something, read it back) and assumes it is enabled without modifying Configuration 2 Register. Rapidfire worked when it first implemented because transfer count high was not originally correctly conditionally emulated. Datasheet seems to be MIA.
- Fixed 32-bit Chip RAM size string array out of bounds access if 768M or 1G was selected. (b11)
- Voodoo 3 byteswapped modes Mediator PCI sound card DMA hack fix.
- Yet another 2D/3D registers-only Voodoo 3 byteswap mode emulated. Some W3D drivers use it. (Without it nothing was rendered and log was mostly filled with "triangle_setup wrong order" messages)
- Blitter line mode was partially broken in non-cycle exact modes and CE mode wasn't fully accurate (b12). Still some edge cases to fix.
- DMA debugger blitter slots are now marked as BLT-x (normal), BLF-x (fill) or BLL-x (line). x = channel. RFS, DSK, AUD, SPR and BPL slots include channel numbers. (Easier to remember than xxxDAT register address numbers)

White 02 January 2021 17:30

with beta 14 winuae continually crashes if I choose full-screen or full-window
only works with windowed

Toni Wilen 02 January 2021 17:37


Originally Posted by White (Post 1450148)
with beta 14 winuae continually crashes if I choose full-screen or full-window
only works with windowed

I can't duplicate and this crash makes sense because it is in normal custom emulation code with null pointer that should never happen.. so something probably overwrote it.

Does it happen in windowed mode if you select exact same window size as in fullscreen? Direct3D 9/11 change? CPU speed mode? Does it happen in quickstart a500 mode? Only if you have some specific HDF added? and so on..

White 02 January 2021 17:59

it works again i double checked
I had changed it to 800x600

DamienD 02 January 2021 18:47


Originally Posted by Toni Wilen (Post 1450135)

Beta 14:


- Gaps between on screen leds are now smaller.


Thanks, looks better :great

Only small thing for me is that standard LEDs seem slightly cut off so you cannot see the bottom border. RTG LEDs look fine though.

Note, it's hard to tell from the screenshots though:

Standard LEDs:

Toni Wilen 02 January 2021 20:40


Originally Posted by White (Post 1450158)
it works again i double checked
I had changed it to 800x600

Could you do tests I asked in previous post? Just changing resolution is not a fix. There should not be a crash.

thomas 03 January 2021 13:24

1 Attachment(s)
A config with Voodoo gfx card which worked with beta 13 now gurus 0100000C and hangs at black screen.

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