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Torti-the-Smurf 11 April 2020 01:19

Thats it, thank you Ross.

How hard would you say is a fix ? ; from a scale from 1 to 10 ? Is there a lot of rewrite that has to be done ? ( sorry, but my programmings skills are.. well; lets be honest here, rubbish, but i am curious :) )

Very interesting stuff, thanks for all the info´s Ross.

AC/DC HACKER! 11 April 2020 03:39


Originally Posted by ross (Post 1390958)
The problem with the code is that it doesn't foresee any drops from full 50fps frame rate.
On accelerators where access to chip ram is slow, you start losing the race with the beam, you don't update the copper list in time, you start to desynchronize more and more and video start glitching like crazy (IRQ3 code is retriggered immediately and forever.., not at the right start of video position).

Even on bare A500 some rendering require a bit more than a frame but on average, with the followings, it returns to a stable 50 fps.

Thanks, Ross, for the info. Makes sense why all degrading fails.

ross 11 April 2020 13:46

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Originally Posted by Torti-the-Smurf (Post 1390969)
How hard would you say is a fix ? ; from a scale from 1 to 10 ? Is there a lot of rewrite that has to be done ?

It depends, I have a (simple) idea on how to do it.
But a simple idea may also require a complex solution, there are several variables to consider (CPU, Copper, Blitter, IRQ ..).
And for the scale of difficulty .. what is 1 for someone can be 10 for someone else :)


Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! (Post 1390992)
Thanks, Ross, for the info. Makes sense why all degrading fails.

After the info, as a bonus, hidden content within the demo:


Torti-the-Smurf 11 April 2020 16:23

Thats so awesome Ross, thank you for this :spin

AC/DC HACKER! 11 April 2020 20:41


OOOoOOhh..!! I haven't done any peeking into code in a long time. That's a sweet find!

"What is 1 for someone can be 10 for someone else." - Uh-huh, Uhhhhhh-huh! That's also where the fun is sometimes.

AC/DC HACKER! 06 June 2020 09:07

Merely Curious..and touching base. Any sweet progress from the Lords of WHDLoad?

AC/DC HACKER! 22 October 2020 07:16


Torti-the-Smurf 11 December 2020 15:01

Hopefully, one day, the WHDLoad Gods will make it work. I am excited for that day :)

Torti-the-Smurf 19 February 2021 14:25

Any progress ? - That would be super sweet :spin

AC/DC HACKER! 14 August 2021 07:52

Has this been left behind?? I sure hope not. Ross did some great stuff! Maybe we'll get a 680x0 fix soon?

Torti-the-Smurf 14 August 2021 12:07

I still have hope :) but thinking of Second Samurai, the OCS Game.. . The last slave is 20 years old :)

StingRay wanted to do it, then CFOU!. Nothing, sadly . (When i remember correctly, Psygore already fixed it but never released it.)
I think both titles have been forgotten.
Second Samaurai is one of the best Amiga games imho and Batman Vuelve is just a great classic demo peace. Both are really tricky from what i have heared.

Anyhow, there is still hope, guess. Much love and thanks to all the guys who makes all this even possible in the first place.
Thank you guys :bowdown

AC/DC HACKER! 14 August 2021 23:13

Oh, without a doubt! Much respect to them! There's always hope, I agree with that. I didn't know Psygore fixed it, but didn't release it. Maybe Psygore will see this and release it?

Torti-the-Smurf 15 August 2021 00:14

I meant, those 3 guys where looking into fixing second samurai ocs/ecs. Psygore´s Second Samurai OCS/ECS slave was never released. Dont remember the reason.

Sting wanted to do Batman but that has been years ago :laughing

AC/DC HACKER! 03 September 2021 05:45

Pardon, I misread and misunderstood your reply before.

I know it has been years now. :( That's why I was 'poking my head in again'. :)

Torti-the-Smurf 02 October 2021 16:04

It has been years :laughing anybody ?

There is clearly a demand for it but nothing happends :crying

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