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andreas 10 March 2002 14:22

WB 3.0: Location of Hi-Res screen definitions?

I wanted to create an autobooting HDF for some user that had problems with a game running from HD. However, the game will only run in Hi-Res Interlace mode.
So I installed the game on a copy of a WB 3.0 HDF and deleted all the unnecessary stuff there (printer drivers, unnecessary libraries etc.)
Now I'm missing the Hi-Res screen modes!
Where do I have to take them from? I didn't forget to keep asl.library on the new HDF, so I can run the ScreenMode prefs. But Hi-Res was missing!
Can anyone help me to find out where ScreenMode prefs takes those hi-res screen modes from?

oldpx 10 March 2002 15:17

Have you checked storage/monitors or devs/monitors? You need to have your monitor drives in devs/monitors drawer of the drive you boot. If you have them in storage/monitors, copy or move them to devs/monitors.

andreas 10 March 2002 16:20

Well I know this...:)
But as some kind of experiment, I moved Devs:Monitors from my WB 3.0 workdisk to a floppy disk, backing them up that way, removed the floppy disk and the HDF booted up correctly anyway!
So these do not exactly seem to be required...
But can you tell me where your choice of the monitor from devs:monitors is saved to?

RetroMan 10 March 2002 16:24

Hmm, maybe this will work : Just set a High-Res in your actual WB 3.0, then copy the screenmode.prefs file into your created HDF .... as long as the needed Monitors in DEVS:Monitors are available it should work :)

andreas 10 March 2002 16:59

Ahhhh...now you've put me back on the right track. Thanks.
The part
if EXISTS DEVS:Monitors

in startup-sequence was missing. Now the resolutions work like on my "actual" workbench. Thanks again. :)

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