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turrican3 20 September 2007 22:15

Which was, from a technical pov, the best amiga demo
Which was the most techinaclly achieveing amiga demo ever? (list more than one, if necessary): aga and ecs ps: i hope tarr won't sue me for copyright http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=31773:lol:laughing
you can add too wich was for you the more beautiful amiga demo (eye candy)
and the demo you prefered too, (no real restriction)
If you can : comment why you like it!

turrican3 20 September 2007 23:35

i begin: i like magia (aga 060)http://ada.untergrund.net/showdemo.php?demoid=274
really great technically
and buddbrain demo (ecs 68000) really funny

s2325 20 September 2007 23:40

ECS 68000 Arte by Sanity http://youtube.com/watch?v=rsq7O5lPhss

turrican3 20 September 2007 23:53

yes a great one.
why do you like this one

s2325 21 September 2007 00:01

because I saw it on my real Amiga long ago and it have not crappy techno music

spiff 21 September 2007 00:47

This will probably be another just using hardware vs good thread..but

I second Arte by Sanity..
Still wonder why no drivning game ever used the "textured" road/tunnel routine on an a500, that alone would have sold games.

For personaly prefer Substance by Aliance design/quartex. Mostly on nostalgia and memories

StevenJGore 21 September 2007 09:29

What about that Fairlight demo that was one disk but featured several minutes of compressed video (albeit very green!), I think it was called 242? That must have been quite a technical achievement?


Zetr0 21 September 2007 09:36

okay, peeps i think this would only be fair if we state a specific hardware (chip / chipset) and year

its hardly fair compairing an ECS 68k demo against an 020-AGA one.

turrican3 21 September 2007 10:14


Originally Posted by Zetr0 (Post 359384)
okay, peeps i think this would only be fair if we state a specific hardware (chip / chipset) and year

its hardly fair compairing an ECS 68k demo against an 020-AGA one.

what do you propose then

Zetr0 21 September 2007 10:22

just a fair way of discussing it, such like

best amiga demo wont be fair to some others that had to do a lot more in a lot less.... how about a couple of catacorgies.... keeping it simple,

Best OCS demo between 90-91 / 91 - 92 and so on....
Best ECS demo
Best AGA demo

if you wanted this could also be limmited to memory requirements and or cpu... but this is where perhaps a POLL (shudders / cringe) could actually work in finding out criteria :)

turrican3 21 September 2007 11:55

Can you make the poll zetro you seem to know where you want to go.

Graham Humphrey 21 September 2007 12:45

Why do you need a poll? All you have to do is list the best OCS demo, ECS demo and AGA demo, surely? And why you think they are the best technically.

Zetr0 21 September 2007 13:20

perhaps its all the POLL SPAM effecting me...... i am not sure how to make a decision anymore..... without a POLL it seems....

I believe you to be very correct sir, listing ECS / OSC and AGA is certainly the way forward, perhaps also stating if it needs more than a basic machine... ie. cpu (030) or 8MB of fast ram etc.....

turrican3 21 September 2007 15:31

and what do you think about starstruck ?
in fact it's hard to manage a top because there is so much demo and know every demo is impossible!

tarr 21 September 2007 21:25

Has anyone ever seen "LSD" and "LSD II" by Seagull Soft (later Darkage)?

turrican3 21 September 2007 21:28

no do you have screenshots
or link to download page

tarr 22 September 2007 01:27

No, I don't. Once i found those in the good old days, but I haven't 'em anymore.

WayneK 23 September 2007 19:58

RSI Megademo, Hardwired by Crionics+TSL, Anything by Chaos/Sanity, Voyage by Razor. All legendary A500 demos in their day.
Can't comment on any accelerated/AGA demos because I was finished with Amiga by the time these machines were released...

logix 23 September 2007 21:29

Some of my Old Favorites:

Phantasmagoria by Anarchy, Budbrain Megademo, Delirium by Complex, Desert Dream by Kefrens

Anything WayneK already mentioned and,
X-Pose by Silents, Monoxide by Vanish, Wit by Freezers, Speed by Sim - Drake - Codex, Ninja by Melon Dezign

Nexus 7 by Andromeda, Full Moon by Virtual Dreams & Fairlight, Origin by Complex, Burning Chrome by Haujobb, Love by Virtual Dreams & Fairlight

There are too many very Good Demos for 68030 and above to be listed here.
TBL-Demos are a Class for themselves - Pure Beauty. (fix me beautifull)

Paul_s 23 September 2007 22:15


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 359284)

That's great! Had to download the adf and run it on my 500 though to savour the full effect.... and it's even cooler on the real thing :bowdown:bowdown:bowdown


Love Starstruck too for the more powerful miggys :)

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