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Frank 01 March 2004 08:25

Bars and Pipes
I'm looking for "Bars and Pipes" in adf format but since I've downloaded the real amiga application, can that be installed and run under WINUAE?

RetroMan 01 March 2004 08:33

That should be a .LHA Archiv .... sure you can use it with WinUAE .... just set up a virtual HD, install Amiga OS on it and extract the .LHA Archiv onto the HD :)

It can be started from there after that .....

FromWithin 01 March 2004 13:43

Go to my Bars&Pipes site, Liquid MIDI.

You can download everything there. I created new installers and have a hard drive image that you can download for UAE (although the version of Bars&Pipes inside the image could do with updating). The latest version is v1.23.

You'll also find my online manual there, and a bunch of other stuff.

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