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invent 21 November 2019 11:03

Amiga Brilliance II Promo 2020 - TIP | TUTORIALS | TRICKS
Hello Everyone,

In 2020 I plan on creating new videos using "Brilliance II" Software.
Amiga "Brilliance II" published by Digital Creations in 1994 for the Commodore Amiga Computer.

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/374553356 or Youtube: https://youtu.be/RUo-Fysctvg

If you would like particular tutorials on the software please list your ideas here :)

The first two tutorials will be on:

- Dithering Techniques
- Using the Stencil Tool


P.S I have considered creating a book if there is any interest.

dschallock 21 November 2019 21:35

That is great. Looking forward to seeing them.
I used Brillance for pixel art development at game studios and to this day it is my favorite pixel art package.
Glad your doing this!

lmimmfn 22 November 2019 03:23

I'm interested in both, love Brilliance.

invent 23 November 2019 13:19

Thanks dschallock and Imimmfn, great to see some interest, I have always wanted someone else to show me how to use such software, but as I have recently learned a few tips wanted to share.

Pyromania 23 November 2019 14:59

A fantastic effort for 2020, thank you so much.

invent 26 November 2019 11:31

Thankyou Pyromania, I'm getting lots of feedback for a book over videos, which might also include the making of a yet unnamed Isometric game from start to finish.

SantiDarkG 05 December 2019 23:07


Originally Posted by invent (Post 1360380)
Hello Everyone,

P.S I have considered creating a book if there is any interest.

Awesomeeeee........ I will support it too :) :spin:spin:spin:spin

invent 03 January 2020 03:39

Happy New Year Everyone :)

Want to see "Fred the Flour Man" create some magic on the Amiga :)
Animation created in Brilliance II using colour Cycling. The IFF Animation file is FREE of course here as well as more details of its creation :)


Youtube example https://youtu.be/_pYFV38DPy0


Nishicorn 10 April 2021 16:49

Brilliance is pretty easy to learn and use, and becomes quickly completely intuitive, but I guess it's good to have tutorials for it.

I think it's a really great tool for lores hand-pixelling kind of art, that's where I found its strength. Brilliance almost completely removes the obstacle or wall between what you want to do and the end result - using it is so intuitive that it's like you think of certain type of dithering, and it automatically appears on the screen, not even noticing how your hand, mouse and Brilliance act as conduits to make it all happen. You can almost directly channel your pixels onto the screen...

I would never want to use anything else.

Ah, yeah, Brilliance can also do color cycling brilliantly.. I think it always processes images as 24-bit, so the color cycling is even smoother (if you so wish) than anything you have ever seen on VGA/MCGA..

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