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diablothe2nd 29 September 2012 14:49

Double Click to restore ADF to real floppy
I'm aware that using adf2disk will restore an image.

What I'm looking for though, is a way to set up (I guess through Mimetypes?) a method so that I can double click on an ADF image and it pops up a requester asking for an empty disk in DF0, then waits for me to click OK or Cancel.

Is there any such software? if not how can I set it up so it does this?

thomas 29 September 2012 17:12

Mimetypes? Which operating system are you talking about?

Akira 29 September 2012 17:13

Yeah, if you are talking about AmigaOS, you can assign an icon to a script that could do this.

amigakit.com 29 September 2012 17:32

In EasyADF you can do this.

EasyADF has a mode of operation where it can be just a small icon on the Workbench and you drop the ADF over the icon and it can decompress automatically to floppy. EasyADF's full window controls are minimised out of view, so they drop icon is very handy for quick decompressing of ADFs, LHA, LZX etc.

You can even snapshot EasyADF's drop icon to a location anywhere on the Workbench screen.

diablothe2nd 29 September 2012 21:29

Thanks folks.

By mere coincidence I discovered that AmiKit on my Amiga Forever CD actually has exactly what i'm looking for. it even lets me mount the adf to RAD instead of needing to put back on floppy to read it.

I can't for the life of me find what the software is to install it on my AmiSYS system though.

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