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DyLucke 10 October 2009 17:51

PC Emulation
Hi there guys, some weeks ago i posted something about it, i wanted to get some useful pc emulator for my 040 33, and i had some great help. However, i didn't have the time to test the stuff and that's why i'm coming now "so late" with some problems again.

Well the story goes as follows.

I've got the PC-Task v3.1 version with all features enabled, however it seems sound is really buggy in this version that's why i tried to get the 4.x version.

The problem here is i've got the 4.3 demo version that works nice, but as long as it's demo has a lot of features missing. AND i've got the 4.4 registered version... But i'm not ABLE TO MAKE IT WORK.

The question is i can boot with no problems, and hang around with DOS and text mode... However when i run an app that needs to enter any video mode... CGA-VGA whatsoever i always get dumped back to the WBench screen with an "Can't open or use screen" message... I've tried all the video modes and all the combinations... But it seems something is wrong here and i'm missing it...

On the other hand i've got the PCx emulator versions 1.1 registered, and 2.1 demo. Plus a crackpatch supposed to be for 2.1 version.

I've found out PCx works somehow better than PC-Task, however the problem with this 1.1 version is that it doesn't support FM emulation so i have to use PC-Speaker beep-beep-a-go-go. I do have the 2.1 version that looks like that supports full soundblaster features, however as long as it's DEMO, i can't make it work properly. The already told patch is from 1996 date of launch of the 1.1. version not the 2.1... If i run it it just simply block some options free on demo mode, such as memory size, limited to 4mb in demo mode, limited to 1 if i do use the patch.

What a i missing with PC-Task 4.4? and what's wrong with PCx 2.1?
Could somebody if possible drop in the zone one of the registered versions for these useful programs?

Anticipated thanks.


hit 31 October 2009 22:22

i found a cracked version of PCX 2.1 - not tested, but worth a try (CRX-PX21.LHA - in the zone).
not much advices, but try snoopdos with pc-task4.4 - maybe something is missing. look for a readme in this 4.4 version - maybe a history/changelog is given.
"Can't open or use screen" - maybe another expression for "out of chip memory"? not sure here. you could also try a screen promoting software - which should pop-up, if pc-task tryies to open another screen. maybe this could solve the problem.

cosmicfrog 01 November 2009 01:58

gota cracked version of PCTaskV4.4Cr for you to try I`ll up it to zone in a bit

don`t know if it works though, hope it dose

JohnnyBeGood 01 November 2009 17:07

Ahh...the memories.
I remember playing Lands of Lore using PC Task on my Amiga 1200 (040).

zipper 01 November 2009 17:17

And Tomb Raider demo on 1-2 fps...

Angus 02 November 2009 15:38


Originally Posted by zipper (Post 610985)
And Tomb Raider demo on 1-2 fps...

Tomb Raider sounds a bit ambitious but Mechwarrior 1 worked really well on my 060 1200. Pretty basic looking 3D, but feel that retro goodness.

watertonian 15 November 2009 05:39

Been years since I've used PCX, or even a version of PC-Task prev. to 4.4, however I recall that the screenmodes needed to be manually configured for each PC mode under Advanced Video Options, in the upper-right hand panel between the buffer/GFX adapter options and the serial/parallel/etc.. ports. Nice thing about pc-task is you can configure each screen mode independantly, annoying thing is this can take a bit. (I have all of mine set to a window on WB, but a screen is much faster) Make sure you're using the up and down mode buttons to scroll through all the screenmodes.

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