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stainy 31 January 2006 10:58

More Scans from me :)
Uploading now.

Addams Family disk alt
Barbarian Triad disk alt
Bubble Bobble orig box
Bad Company disk orig
Battle Chess disk alt
Brian The Lion disk alt
Dungeon Master disk orig
DrDoom disk orig
Drum Studio disk
Epic disk alt
Hero`s Quest disk orig
Ivanhoe disk alt
Karting Grand Prix disk orig
Kick Off 96 Box front and back
Kick Off 96 manual
Kick Off 96 disk
Police Quest game map
Space Ace disk orig
SDI box front and back
SDI manual
Soccer Kid AGA disk
Strip Poker II plus disk orig
Strip Poker II DD1 orig
Sensible Soccer disk orig
Sidewinder disk orig
Swooper disk orig
Total Carnage disk alt
TV Sports Baseball box front and back orig
TV Sports Baseball disks orig
Wild Wheels disk orig
Xenon Melbourne House disk orig
Zool2 disk alt.

thats all for now.. just finished uploading :)

Hope to see them in HOL soon yeah!

stainy 31 January 2006 10:59

Also I uploaded the Footman disk.. I have the manual and box.. but it`s wider than A4!!
unless I go somewhere to scan it.. or maybe take a good picture of it?

Galaxy 31 January 2006 11:10

Try scanning it in two parts and I'll have a go at compositing it. I've successfully composited things like posters for hol before with good results. When scanning try to keep the box as flush with the scanner glass as possible.

stainy 31 January 2006 11:39

yeah no prob.. got a new scanner... but for the life of me I can`t find that auto-stitch thing I used to have on my old parallel scanner software :(

DrBong 31 January 2006 18:57

Piecing together scans can be quite fiddly. Got an A3 scanner here and just found my copy of Footman on the weekend (while unsuccessfully looking for something else - always the way!), so I can scan it and save you guys the trouble if you like.

BTW thanks for the recent contributions to HOL.....keep it up! :cool

stainy 31 January 2006 23:37

No probs.. yeah you go ahead and scan it :) I did the disk last week I think :)

DrBong 13 February 2006 19:29

Added some box scans and docs for FootMan along with a couple of the scans you uploaded. Thanks again!

Galaxy 13 February 2006 23:31

your disk scans have been added to hol

Is Drum Studio an Amiga game? (not added as no hol record) Label reads: "Licenced from Golden Games"

Are you able to make an adf or provide screenshots for that strip poker 2+ data disk which is MIA in HOL?

stainy 14 February 2006 08:56

oh yes I can do that :) Drum Studio isn`t a game exactly... guess it might be classed as a program.. but I thought I would add it just in case :)

stainy 14 February 2006 09:12

Hi the Swooper disk scan isn`t in HOL ? just thought I`d mention it... says so in the update... but not in the entry..

Galaxy 14 February 2006 09:28

It's added to the compilation record: http://hol.abime.net/4739

stainy 14 February 2006 10:17

ahh ok... is the single stand alone a different disk then ? The disk I scanned is from the compilation btw :)

stainy 19 February 2006 15:05

Uploaded Football Director II disk
Just uploaded Football Director II disk scan to hol upload :)

stainy 21 March 2006 21:56

Just added Anco Player Manager pre-release disk scan..

andreas 05 April 2006 02:51


Originally Posted by DrBong
Added some box scans and docs for FootMan along with a couple of the scans you uploaded. Thanks again!

Hmm, DrBong, improved version?

So there is TWO versions with maybe other game code then? :shocked

DrBong 06 April 2006 17:26


Originally Posted by andreas
Hmm, DrBong, improved version?

So there is TWO versions with maybe other game code then? :shocked

I didn't write that note. I'm sure you can guess who did. I was very tempted to remove it given the sackfuls of manure that was inserted into HOL by that individual.

stainy 23 April 2006 22:55

Just uploaded some more stuff.
Along with

Surburban Commando ( box, manual and disk )
Dinosaur Detective Agency ( box, manual and disk )
Soccer Team Manager ( box, manual and disk )
World Cup All Time Greats ( box, manual and disk )

Just put in there

1st Div Manager ( box, manual and disk )
Galaxy Force ( alternate disk )
Heroquest ( manual )
Powerdrift ( manual )
Silkworm ( manual )
Supercars 2 ( manual )
Supercars 2 ( disk )

done and done :)

CodyJarrett 23 April 2006 22:56

Thanks Stainy.

stainy 23 April 2006 23:04

and I btw, Soccer Team Manager and Team Manager should be merged I think.. same game etc..

stainy 05 May 2006 20:10

Swooper :)
All scanned, http://www.bellewithabite.co.uk/misc/swooperfrnt.jpg

I uploaded disk scans of the back of the standalone disk and also the arcade classics collection to show the difference :)

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