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Zeraphine 17 December 2014 19:35

XBox Wireless Controller Fire Button missing?
Hello :)

here is i hope the last problem i have with fs-uae :) my englishh is not so good, i hope everyone understands ^^

I want to configure a wireless xbox controller.

I go to the configure tap in settings, and the following picture is showing:


What is working are the Left stick up, right, down, left, but there is NO fire button to configure?

And that is the problem, i cant configure the fire button!

In the normal WinUAE it is working, there i have the option to configure mouse/joystick fire button 1.

FrodeSolheim 17 December 2014 20:15

This dialog is not meant to help you configure the fire button (directly). Instead, you use it to tell FS-UAE about the *layout* of your controller.

So, if you have a controller like this:

You then choose the green A button as south button, blue X as west button, etc - and do it similarly for all other buttons, sticks and triggers.

FS-UAE will then automatically configure a fire button for you when you emulate an Amiga (the "south button" will be used as fire).

Zeraphine 18 December 2014 00:06

Thank you for answer :-)

It was the game itself ^^

Elvira 1 use only mouse, my controller wasnt working.

When i load up "First Samurai" it is working ^^

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