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cybernoid 14 May 2007 21:21

Replace 68040
Hi there.
Im asking if its possible to replace my 68040 25mhz with a 68040 (MC68040RC33) 33mhz -just as that- or if i have to do some tricks, replace jumpers, change power, etc

I have an Amiga 4000 unchanged computer.

Best Regards

musashi5150 14 May 2007 21:34

You can put in a 33Mhz 68040 - but it will still only run at 25Mhz. You need to change your clock crystal. This would probably involve some soldering...

alexh 14 May 2007 23:14

It depends what accelerator you have.

If you have a Commodore A3640 then upgrading will be complex but not impossible.


Consider replacing the capacitors, and upgrading to a v3.1 at the same time.


Getting a new accelerator with RAM is your real goal. Something like a WarpEngine 040 or something. The A3640 has no RAM and doesnt support the 040 burst mode which really cripples this accelerator.

If you upgrade to a new MC68040RC?? try to get one with a mask L88M (or a K63H) as these run cool and needs no heatsink even at 40MHz


cybernoid 15 May 2007 00:41

Tks. I see Ill gona have to buy a 200$ or more warp engine (since 68060 are 400$ +++) hmmm well those new amigas are great (my point of view... they cost less than any 68060) but im not pretty sure about the uae emulation. I dont know if uaeppc is better than winuae or e-uae (actually i use e-uae) but my experience is that they dont even come closer to the real thing. (Timings... colors... etc)
I think the new amiga should come with a 68040/60, dont matter if it will costs more 50/100$
(Pretty annoying thing those ppc with uae emul thing... to my eyes).
The Amiga Inc should listen more to Amiga community - the 99% of the buyers.


Tks! :)

alexh 15 May 2007 12:11

Not necessarily. You have options:

1) Perform the modifications to your A3640 yourself, or send it away to somewhere like Amiga Centre in France.

2) Be on the lookout for a Sonnet Quaddoubler, an addon for 68k Mac's that just happens to work on a A3640 and doubles the clock speed to 50MHz. They are quite rare and dont come up all that often

3) Be on the lookout for an X-Calibur which converts an A3640 into a decent accelerator. VERY rare, probably costs more than a Warp Engine.

I think buying a second A3640 and getting it upgraded is possible, especially if you know someone who can solder electronics well near you.

Secret Vampire 17 May 2007 21:33

From personal experience, I'd suggest that it's not really worth approaching an upgrade unless you have all the bits on hand and can do it yourself. I only managed about 30 MHz out of mine (Though I didn't play with the delay line, so there might have been a bit more in there) which isn't really worth spending any money for.
The Quaddoubler if cheap should be a decent option, but otherwise, for the cost of having someone do the work for you, you will already be well on the way to the cost of an accelerator, and with that you get more and faster memory, maybe even usable SCSI, and the possibility of upgrading to an 060 with later cyberstorms and Apollos.

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