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Arnoud 21 May 2002 13:22

r-type doesn't run
I downloaded the game r-type and transferred it to my amiga 500, but when I boot the rtype disk, i hangs in the flashscreen...anybody know this problem? thnx

andreas 21 May 2002 15:41

you might have transferred it using a transferring speed which was too high.
Some game disks have quite weird internal structures (due to removed copy protections, the disk is usually messed up to another extent, more than it used to be in original state), and they only get transferred correctly if you reduce the transferring speed.
The image of Extase required me to set the speed down to 9600 (or was it even 4800?) bps to transfer it correctly by null-modem cable!

Arnoud 21 May 2002 23:30

thnx for replying man! im gonna try and reduce the transfer speed...

Arnoud 24 May 2002 12:33

to andreas: I couldn't get amiga explorer decently installed with less than 19200 bitrate....but I found another version of the r-type.adf and this one works okay! thnx anyway

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