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Storm 05 September 2020 10:37

I couldn't get by without DOpus 4 on the Amiga so naturally I bought it for the PC. While it doesn't look like the Amiga version, it's still fantastic.

seb132 05 September 2020 13:05


Originally Posted by lucadip (Post 1361237)
Don't shoot me for that, but I always preferred DiskMaster 2 for the amiga! :-)

Me too! Faster, and very easy to use.
Maybe not as powerful but very efficient.

Hercules 28 April 2021 22:31

What I used on the A500 back in the day...


lucadip 18 May 2021 10:39


Originally Posted by Hercules (Post 1479895)
What I used on the A500 back in the day...

Great memories, thank you for the picture. I used CLImate for a while, til I discovered DiskMaster 1.4 and subsequently version 2.

I evaluated DOpus (and Magellan, end of the 90s) for a while: very powerful, but I always only needed something quick and compact and still use DM2 today.

ElectroBlaster 02 June 2021 21:28

I have a big-box original of Dopus here!

It has as a large quality, cloth-covered style outer box along with an lever-arch file style inner that sits inside it.

cugar124 15 August 2021 13:56

I've the aminet version on cd original lol

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