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alexh 31 August 2009 00:25

Where do I start?
I've been clearing out my "box room" and my Amiga magazine collection is more accessible than it has been for many years.

I've got almost every issue of Amiga Action & The One out at the moment but hundreds of Amiga Format, Amiga User International, CU Amiga etc. etc.

But with so many to scan the task is daunting....

So I need a "Most wanted list" and then I can check if I have them and do one or two per week.

I have an A2 scanner so the results should be good.

So, where do I start?

Adropac2 31 August 2009 07:33

Maybe you can start by looking through some of those early issues of The One

Remember those lush quilt hills i described to you a while back about the preview of Birds of Prey in The One, and how it was you said i probably hadn't seen it

For a bit of time i thought i really had imagined it

Pyromania 01 September 2009 02:57

Yes, The One would be a great place to start.

Photon 01 September 2009 05:23

What a strange and wonderful coincidence ! :)

See here ! :)

Needless to say, I concur. ;) I'd like to push a little for those interesting Profiles, Work-In-Progress/In Development, My Ideal Compilation, Demos, Interviews articles that The One had. And possibly Arcades etc. also. Simply, their Features on the state of the art and industry.

Suggestions for issue xx: articles starting on page yy:

#34: 82, 87
#35: 48, 82, 85
#37: 50, 54, 100, 103
#38: 50, 88, 93
#40: 45, 88, 91
#41: (24), 74, 77
#42: (24), 76, 79

As counter-offer I can scan all missing pages in issues 36 and 39 to make them complete :)

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