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Rochabian 30 April 2020 14:41

Simon The Sorcerer II for CD32 + TF330 ?
I'm trying to make a disc of Simon II for TF330
Seems to work at decent speed on HD

I'm trying to bypass the AHI mode popup and the screenmode popup
What arguments can i use to set them with command line ?

I can't find a guide about those parameters

EDIT : Decent speed on WinUAE with 030@50Mhz but on real hardware it's slower

thairacerjp 30 April 2020 17:50

Hi Rochabian, thanks to you i discover this title, so i grab it and burn it, my CD32 tf330 and workbench recognize but when i want to install, have tis message "cannot work without tooltype name" did you tried CD version or i should try the HD version, you said you try to bypass the ahi but could you launch the game, sound ?

Rochabian 30 April 2020 17:58

I can launch the game from workbench, yes
When launching it asks for AHI audio mode
So i choose Paula DMA 8bit and it's OK (you need AHI installed of course )
After that it asks for screenmode : either NTSC or PAL Low res mode works for me
I've not installed it, just copied files from the iso in a folder and run SimonII (that's perhaps why it ask for audio mode and screenmode everytime i launch it)
You have to install the patch 1.1 to have subtiltles in french
Subtitles can be activated with "T" key
You change language of the subtitles with "Space Key"
You can bypass intro and anims with "F5" key

thairacerjp 30 April 2020 18:54

i took version of Amiga France already patched and works nicely, even a little bit slow, yes it would be great if we could pass the settings at the start ! may be a tooltype.

Rochabian 30 April 2020 19:09

For information, i've read the manual found on abandonware-france and it's completely crazy, like the game. You should read it, really funny
To save or load you have to use the postal card,it's used as a menu, perhaps with a save the settings are stored somewhere,i will try

EDIT : Nope,saving a game doesn't store the AHI & screen prefs.........

HardStep 01 May 2020 04:44

I believe the guy who was porting it is active daily in Commodore Amiga Facebook group, maybe ask over there?

Rochabian 01 May 2020 21:21

Yes, i can try this way. Thanks

thairacerjp 02 May 2020 11:53

such mess ! I started in high resolution and after the game never asked me anymore for settings (after made a save) but I would come back to low resolution !! I will take again original file..... yeah, for save it's such a joke _ hammer on the postcard :bash

edit : so it's like a river flow lol ! , if you quit the game the normal way (hammer on postcard and quit), the next time you start the game it start without prompt anything.

Rochabian 02 May 2020 16:55

Great find !
Just quit the game normally and that's all :)
I just didn't try this
Thanks !

thairacerjp 02 May 2020 17:38

by the way, i tried to play with scummvm aga, game is detected but after
launch it returns to workbench (on winua also),
i wanted try french version !

Rochabian 02 May 2020 20:38

You can play in french with this AGA CD version but you need version 1.1 that adds french subtitles
Then you can change language with "space" key

Aladin 02 May 2020 21:00


Originally Posted by Rochabian (Post 1397135)
You can play in french with this AGA CD version but you need version 1.1 that adds french subtitles
Then you can change language with "space" key

With data of the pc version, voice and subtitle are in french. Only subtitle is in french for amiga version.

data of DOS CD version (simon2.voc) with scummvm 1.5 novacoder, no sound. With scummvm 1.8/1.81 error. Perhaps convert the big audio file to make it work

Rochabian 02 May 2020 21:45

So there is a french voiced version on PC, nice.
Converting the simon2.fla from PC version to multiple voices.dat files as in the amiga port shouldn't be an easy task

Aladin 02 May 2020 21:50

Official version:

Rochabian 02 May 2020 22:54

In the steam version there is a file SIMON2.MP3 with all the dialogs in it.
Needs to be converted in the voices.dat files.
But the voices.dat files are not readable directly

It seems to use a sort of index, the file voices.idx , because voices are split in 38 .dat files

Aladin 02 May 2020 23:12

English version with SIMON2.WAV (WIN CD version) work with Scummvm 1.5 novacoder and crash with 1.8.x
I do not have french version with WAV ...

For Amiga version (with update 1.6) on ScummVm have you the subtitle in french? For me, the game is only recognized in english (scummvm amiga and latest pc version)

Edit: Now all version working avec ScummVm 1.5 novacoder. (dos cd english and french, win cd english) ... it is surely because I had already launched v1.8.x before. What had to mute the sound

Rochabian 03 May 2020 02:10


You run ScummVM 1.5 & Simon 2 with french voices on a TF330 with normal speed?

Rochabian 03 May 2020 12:07

With the Amiga CD patched & ScummVM -> only english voice & english subtitles with music (switch on & off with "M")

I've tried to convert the simon2.mp3 from the steam version to wav file but it doesn't work because header is missing

Aladin 03 May 2020 12:27

look your pm

Rochabian 03 May 2020 12:37

Now it works with novacoder ScummVM 1.5 with Simon Cd dos french install.
Full fr voices and subtitles
But the sound is noisy :(

EDIT: @aladin, thanks for the files, I got the same result at the same time as your message ;)

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