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Cobe 03 January 2021 00:16

"Sticky" alt
Toni dont get upset, I know this is not winuae bug but you or someone might know whats causing it.

On one of my laptops every now and then keyboard in winuae starts writing giberish, and I cant even double click with the mouse until I press alt key. Then everything goes back to normal. But after a while it happens again and a again and I cant hunt down whats triggering it.

Dan 03 January 2021 11:33

Look at this thread:

Reddit: help_how_to_turn_off_alt_key_sticky_behavior

Cobe 03 January 2021 11:52

Thanks, I went through all of that already and everythings turned off. The weird thing is that this happens randomly, even if I leave computer untuched for a while. Also, I'm noticing this behaviour only in winuae.

Cobe 03 January 2021 12:04

Ok, I found whats causing it.
Touchpad's far right side acts as a mouse wheel which is easily tuched unwillingly or unknowingly.

And in winuae in Input settings/windows mouse/Wheel[+/-] I had 'alt', changed to 'none' and by the quick test, thats it!

Sorry guys for disturbance. But if I hadnt write it here I probably wouldnt sat down to figure it out myself whats actually happening.

chip 03 January 2021 12:15

Yep, sometimes in computer-land things are difficult to find :)

Especially you can think one thing and at the same time the real problem is completely somewhere else :laughing

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