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Gilloo 23 December 2020 10:04

[resolved] WinUAE 4.4.0, A2091 and gururom (and also gvp, dkb rapidfire)
Hi all,
I'm trying to use emulated cards with WinUAE

How to get A2091 omniscsi 6.14 ROM image
=> gururom2091.bin (32kB)

My configuration WINUAE 4.4.0 (2020.07.01)
Fastest possible
Full ECS
KS ROM 40.63 (3.1)
2MB chip
4MB Z2 Fast

SCSI controllers
A590/A2091 (Commodore) then select the gururom2091.bin file

return to RAM
Z2FastRam #1 [4096K] (A590/A2091)
CD & Hard drives
First drive DH0 => on a well working Workbench 3.1
Second drive A590/A2091:0 HDF => on a 80 MB hdf with RDB (was working well with uaehf.device)

Then start ...:bowdown

ShowConfig :xmas
CUSTOM CHIPS: ECS PAL Agnus (id=$0020), ECS Denise (id=$00FC)
VERS: Kickstart version 40.63, Exec version 40.10, Disk version 40.42
RAM: Node type $A, Attributes $605 (FAST), at $200000-$5FFFFF (4.0 meg)
Node type $A, Attributes $703 (CHIP), at $400-$1FFFFF (~2.0 meg)
CBM A590/A2091 HD controller: Prod=514/2($202/$2) (@E90000 64K)
CBM A2052/58.RAM | 590/2091.RAM: Prod=514/10($202/$A) (@$200000 4meg Mem)
Board + ROM (HD?) (unidentified): Prod=2011/82($7DB/$52) (@$EA0000 64K)
Board (unidentified): Prod=2011/4($7DB/$4) (@$F00000 64K)

SysInfo :xmas
omniscsi V1.14

HDToolBox :help
but nothing is detected.

What is going wrong ?
The RAM is well selected, but nothing for the harddrive.
Many thanks in advance.

thomas 23 December 2020 12:22

On the Expansions page next to A2091 select DMAC-02. The Guru ROM does not work with DMAC-01.

Gilloo 23 December 2020 19:07


Originally Posted by thomas (Post 1447896)
On the Expansions page next to A2091 select DMAC-02. The Guru ROM does not work with DMAC-01.

It's working !
Thanks a lot.

Gilloo 27 December 2020 17:54

As it works in this figure
0x0202/0x0a (4MB Z2 RAM)
0x0202/0x03 (harddisk)
A591/A2091 (Commodore) + DMAC-2 + GuruRom v6.14
=> success (thanks Thomas) omniscsi.device is in the place. :xmas

I try another configuration I own in the past...
0x07e1/0x0a (4MB Z2 RAM)
0x07e1/0x0b (harddisk)
GVP Series II (Great Valley Product) + harddrive\GVP_SCSI_v4.15.bin
=> success gvpscsi.device is present :xmas

but this one
0x07dc/0x01 (4MB Z2 RAM)
0x07dc/0x0f (harddisk)
RapidFire/SpitFire (DKB) + harddrive\DKB_RapidFire v1.31.bin
=> the 4MB are detected, but not the disk :confused
why ?

Toni Wilen 02 January 2021 17:38

Fixed in latest beta but you should have make it more obvious that your latest post also includes something else than mentioned in the title.. Or post it in separate thread.

Gilloo 02 January 2021 18:53


dkbscsi.device is present now !:xmas
Thanks Toni.

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