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Centerguy 09 August 2010 00:36

A1000 keyboard-keys compatible with Cherry keyboard-keys?
Hi :)

My A1000 keyboard is missing the "9"-key on the numpad.
I guess it's hard to get just that particular single key. So after doing some "Googleing" i found this thread:


There it says that the A1000 keyboard is made by Cherry.
My question now:
is there any (white) Cherry keyboard with exactly the same keys (at least the same keys on the numpad) like on the A1000 keyboard? So i can put that "9"-key off the Cherry keyboard and put it on the A1000 keyboard :rolleyes

Would that be possible?

prowler 09 August 2010 00:48

Hi Centerguy,

I am typing this using a (black) Cherry Windows keyboard atached to my PC, and I also own an old Apricot PC AT (white) keyboard made by Cherry in about 1989. The keys are very, very similar, if not identical.

From this, I would guess that any Cherry keyboard would give you a '9' key of the same shape and fit as the that of the A1000 keyboard. However, the PC '9' key on the numeric keypad also includes the 'PgUp' legend, unfortunately.

BTW, welcome to EAB! :)

Centerguy 09 August 2010 01:02

Thank you for welcoming me ;)

Well, sounds like good news! I think it's a lot easier to get an old white Cherry keyboard then an old A1000 keyboard :D
Ok you're right, there's that "PgUp"-thing on the PC-9-key, but maybe you can get rid of it (somehow)? :confused
Is there anyone of you that has both (A1000 keyboard & Cherry keyboard) and could test if it really works, please?)
Btw., is it also possible to use the 9-key from an A500, or are they different compared to the A1000-keys?

prowler 09 August 2010 01:13

Again, the A500 keys certainly look the same shape and fit, and the A500 numeric keypad '9' key also has the 'PgUp' legend, but it's on the front facing edge of the key and much easier to remove! :)

Unfortunately, I haven't got an A1000 keyboard, or I would test them for you.

prowler 09 August 2010 01:54


Originally Posted by Jope (Post 354888)
...the A1000's keyboard is also made by Cherry and individually keyswitched.


Notable here is that the lowest row (Alt A space A Alt arrowdown - enter) are slanted a different way than the rest of the keys. Feels very odd, I guess someone tried to be ergonomic here?

My Apricot keyboard has the two lowest rows slanted in a different way to the rest of the keys! This doesn't affect the '9 PgUp' key, however.

Centerguy 09 August 2010 01:56

Thanks for the info :)

Well, maybe i ask a friend of mine if he got an old Cherry keyboard. Otherwise i'll have a look on egay :D

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