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SALLEN0710 14 February 2021 18:10

Moving files from FS-UAE to A1200
Hello All,

My first post on the forums!

I've recently resurrected my A1200 that I've owned since I purchased it on it's release in 1992. Recapped, replaced the HDD with an SD card, Gotek etc. All working and a great feeling getting to play all my old games!

Anyway, I have been trying to move some files across to it via .ADF's using FS-UAE, specifically a PD game I remember called Extreme Violence. I've found the game thanks to the forums and it plays great in FS-UAE. However I've tried copying it to a blank .ADF and moving it to the A1200 via the Gotek but without success.

The files copy onto the blank disc ok and I can see them and even run it direct from the .ADF in FS-UAE but when I move the .ADF to the A1200 via the Gotek the disc appear blank.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated


gryf 15 February 2021 09:57

You need to have

writable_floppy_images = 1
in your config to be able to write to the images. Otherwise it's saved for session only.

IMO better way for transferring files between the A1200 and PC is to get the pcmcia card reader for CF carts, and use fat95[1] and compactflash.device[2].

[1] https://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/fat95
[2] https://aminet.net/package/driver/media/cfd

SALLEN0710 15 February 2021 16:18

Cheers for that, I'll give it a go.

I've got a PCMCIA card and CF on order, should be here soon.


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