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tygre 14 August 2020 04:14

H&P Merapi?
Hi all!

I just read over on Obligement :cool that Haage & Partner worked (how long?) on their implementation of a Java virtual machine, called Merapi. Has anyone more information about it? Has it been ever released (even as an alpha or beta version)?


Jax 13 September 2020 16:24

I just found more information about Merapi:


tygre 18 September 2020 01:34

Hi Jax!

Thanks! I had seen this page but it doesn't say much... I wonder if any beta was ever released or if someone has some alpha sitting on their computers?


NinjaCyborg 17 March 2021 18:28

JAmiga is the only one with any public release i think... it's free though

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