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johnhkc 03 December 2021 00:16

DosNotify on FS-UAE from Ubuntu file change?
I am trying to write a simple program where AmigaDOS will detect that a file has changed and take action based on that. The code compiles and works well if I change the file on the emulated Amiga side. However, if I change the file from the host OS (Ubuntu 18.04), the notification is not triggered.

Is this expected?

Steady 03 December 2021 04:16

Annoyingly that seems to be common. At least it happens to me.

When programming on the host to be compiled on the Amiga FSUAE I find that I have to "touch" the files on the Amiga size for a change to be reflected.

That information looks like it's kept in the .uaem files which is probably what the emulator is looking at when checking file metadata.

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