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n9yty 20 January 2019 00:06

Upgrading an existing install?
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I had set up a CF a few years ago and had ClassicWB on it. Now I have purchased the 3.1.4 update and am wondering two maybe related or maybe unrelated things...

* How to update ClassicWB, assuming this needs to be done at all.

* How to update the install to use the 3.1.4 improvements?

I see some great work has been done to allow installation of ClassicWB packs, updated to use the Hyperiod 3.1.4 disks, but I am not sure how to incorporate that into an existing install. :)

KKR75 20 January 2019 06:04

Not a stupid question by any means.

1. I don't think you'll be able to just pop in the ROM and load your current version of classicwb, it will throw a library error namely icon and workbench. Of course you don't NEED to use 3.1.4, but since you bought it, it's to use it, right ? so.... on to next answer.

2. currently no script is in place inside original classicwb version to update it to 3.1.4 since Bloodwych stopped his work a few years ago. This is an idea I might toy with in the future and it should not be that hard to do, but in the meantime, your only good option is to manually copy the files in each floppy, making sure the protect bits remain in place (use CLONE option). Do read the FAQ and Install inside the 3.1.4 docs, they are lengthy and well written.

n9yty 21 January 2019 16:06

Thanks! I leanred about the "you can't pop the ROM in" when I tried to softload the 3.1.4 kickstart.

I wasn't sure if any of the other parts of ClassicWB had been "touched" or "updated' that would mean putting that on again as well as worrying about the 3.1.4 upgraded bits.

I'll make a backup and give it a go. It sure is easy to make a good backup when I can just make an image of the CF card. :)

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