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Unregistered 19 July 2002 06:00

JIT problem
JIT constantly crashes UAE 0.8.21R4 here (even got me a bluescreen)

my system:

- AMD-K6/500
- W98
- 128 MB RAM
- ATI XPert 2000

the problem is independent of:
- selected CPU emulation
- selected KS rom
- screenmode (i.e. happen w/ & w/o Picasso)
- JIT cache size

if I disable JIT everything works fine. but I like the speed, you know ;-)

dunno if timing is involved but in JIT mode UAE doesn't survive any longer than say 2 minutes.

here the last lines of my winuaelog.txt:

fault address is 0xffffffff at 0x4a2023
Can't handle access!
instruction byte 0 is 0x08
instruction byte 1 is 0x00
instruction byte 2 is 0x00
instruction byte 3 is 0xc3
instruction byte 4 is 0xf6
instruction byte 5 is 0xc1
instruction byte 6 is 0x01
instruction byte 7 is 0x74
instruction byte 8 is 0x41
instruction byte 9 is 0xa1

this seems to be the same after every crash except the address (0x4a2023).

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