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JohnnyWalker 06 January 2005 04:02

The Omnicron Conspiracy...
A friend of mine got this game on his A600 and I thought it sucked...... but in an incredibly addictive way! :D I'd still like to get my hands on it and figure out what the hell it was all about... Could anyone pop it in the Zone (if it even exists anymore!) as I'd love to play it again. Thanks!

- J

Ironclaw 06 January 2005 04:12

----> http://www.retrogaming4ever.com/Misc...Conspiracy.zip

JohnnyWalker 06 January 2005 04:16


Ironclaw 06 January 2005 11:02


Zenon66 16 February 2006 22:23

bump!!! link has gone

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