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Dave_wb 13 September 2005 11:59

Multiple partitions - bootable
Hello chaps,
I am the proud owner of a 1200 classic to which I have added a 2gig internal hard drive - a zip100 and a second external hard drive thanks to idefix.Plus a scsi CD rom.Now dont laugh but how do I make the second partition bootable.
I install on expert - the system files are installed on DH1 (primary boot partition is DH0] and then when booting up I press down both mouse buttons to gain access to the startup control.On the boot options screen even though I have the system files on DH1 the panel tells me "enabled DH1 not bootable".What am I doing wrong.....I dont know ....help would be greatly appreciated...

thomas 13 September 2005 12:42

The installer just copies files, it does not change the partitioning. You have to use the partitioning tool (e.g. HDToolbox) to make the partition bootable.

You can make all partitions bootable. The Amiga will boot from the partition with the highest boot priority. Enable "advanced options" in HDToolbox so see the boot priority field.

Shrub 13 September 2005 13:51

You can also use the LMB and RMB commands along with movesys / assign to boto different drives. There's a script in ClassicWB you can use as a template to make your own that will move all the system assigns to DH1 and execute it's own startup-sequence just by holding down the left or right mouse button when the machine is booting. It's quicker than going into the startup control and mesing about with boot priorities.

You can also boot from SCSI CDRom by using LMB or RMB commands - for each of the startup sequences on DH0 and DH1 put another LMB/RMB script in after the "mount devs:dosdrivers" like command, then use "movesys cd cd0:" and tell it to execute Cd0:'s startup-sequence

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