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Misha 27 February 2008 23:35

Whatever Happened Too???
Though this is not technically Amiga related i wondered if anyone could help.

Does anyone remember a demo group that made avi demo`s from old Amiga effects updated on the PC? they were called 100% Prophets and i was just wondering what happened to them,they were around from 1999/2000 and sadly that was about the time i left the internet,when i came back i checked there website but it no longer exists.

Would appreciate it if anyone could tell me what happened to these guys,if i remember rightly there was a well known either GFX,Coder or Musician from the good old days of Amiga who was a member of this group but can`t think of the name.

Thanks in advance for any help and if any are members here on EAB then send me a PM.

zin 01 October 2008 00:18

I think you talking about global trash2 by The Silents DK
with Jesper kyd and Mikael Balle

Ops maybe to late :)
just google to find out what they have been doing.

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