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pink^abyss 06 February 2021 16:11

Tinyus Open Beta 0.2 Released (OCS Gradius port)
Hi everyone,

aBYSs just released the 'Tinyus' open beta. 'Tinyus' is a faithful Amiga OCS port of the Arcade game Gradius.

Code & Audio:


Reverse Engeneering:

You can download the beta version (0.2) here:

Changelog Version 0.2
- Hiscore updates implemented
- Respawning from checkpoints fixed
- 524 bytes smaller

Expect issues, and pleasepost them here please :)

About the port:
The original arcade hardware runs on a Motorola 68000 @ 10Mhz. It features hundreds of colors and hundreds of sprites at the same time, multiple backgrounds, hardware zooming, and 8 audio channels. So an OCS Amiga 500 does not quite match these specs. Still it was possible to have almost an arcade perfect conversion for it. However, even the arcade version had many slowdowns, and on Amiga 500 there are even more. So it's strongly recommended to play on Amiga 1200 (or better) for a steady 50fps experience.

Happy playing!


Neil79 07 February 2021 01:00

HOT NEWS!!! As of right now you can play the latest beta version of his work in progress Arcade conversion of Gradius/Nemesis for the Commodore Amiga!


FINALLY! I can't wait to play the beta :D ( Credits included )

malko 07 February 2021 01:14

Thank you to all involved for this ß release ! :bowdown

roondar 07 February 2021 01:28

Great stuff, I'll be checking it out for sure!

zzbylu 07 February 2021 01:42

and small gameplay :)

roondar 07 February 2021 01:45

This is amazing stuff, thanks for yet another great Amiga game. Looks great, plays very nicely. I'll be spending some time with this one :)

@zzbylu: You're always so quick with those gameplay videos. Well done :)

Toni Galvez 07 February 2021 01:51

Thank you so much Abbys for this amazing conversion, again, is a very good job you done here.

Music, graphics and playability are top, I love it!! it retains the Gradius spirit very well.

I played with 2 buttons controller, 2nd button works perfect to choose the weapon.

I played the game on an Amiga 500 configuration on Winuae, this is the stuff I notice:

- The first speed up is too fast.

- In the mountains, the scroll stops a little bit late, mountains mean to be a little bit to the right.

Asle 07 February 2021 01:56

Fantastic !
[~off topic] Please, release a Pretracker version that supports this format version ($1E) !

vulture 07 February 2021 01:56

Had a couple of plays and I'm wowed! That's just fantastic! No idea how close it is to the arcade original as I've only tried it a handful of times, but this plays great and I definitely prefer Tinyus' colours!

kriz 07 February 2021 02:16

Ahh sweet, got it downloaded, playing tomorrow :D !!

pcotter 07 February 2021 02:24

Quick test before bed!

Galahad/FLT 07 February 2021 02:42

Absolutely fantastic effort, really is polished, just great detail.

Everything about it is just.... its bloody excellent :)

Neil79 07 February 2021 02:44

1 Attachment(s)
Image by @GaryArnott

Thorham 07 February 2021 03:01

Damn that's bad ass :great

h0ffman 07 February 2021 04:19

So you made it run better on a 1200 than the arcade ??

Top work chap, gonna fire this up in my amiga in due course.

pink^abyss 07 February 2021 09:02


Originally Posted by h0ffman (Post 1459881)
So you made it run better on a 1200 than the arcade ??

Top work chap, gonna fire this up in my amiga in due course.

Thanks Hoffman! I think on A1200+Fast it should indeed run better then in the arcade :).
Tho i have to admit that i had to let out two details from the arcade that would even make the A1200 crawl. First, the pink tentacle enemies only have a 2 arms maximum and not 4 and second the bionic arms + door before the final boss were scrapped as i ran out of chipmem. However, only Gradius experts will notice this. ;)

alpine9000 07 February 2021 09:54

Absolutely outstanding work!

Suicyco 07 February 2021 10:09

What a great port!

Some minor things I noticed:
No checkpoints in the levels.
Ship speed does not seem to reset to slowest after dying.
Hit boxes on the enemies seem smaller than in the arcade (sometimes you can see bullets/lasers passing through top parts of enemy sprites/bobs).
Only one button works on the CD32 controller.
Sometimes after dying the level does not reset, you do not get a new ship and music just keeps playing with only the starfield background (so you have to reset the game).

JoeJoe 07 February 2021 10:37

Very nice....The beta is already fun. A really beautiful port. :great

theq 07 February 2021 10:47

Another great port! Awesome job!
Works great on an accelerated A500+, both on floppy and from hard drive.
  • (Bug) Found that "hi score" doesn't update/work at all.
  • (Bug) And like Suicyco said, the level reset doesn't always work correctly. Leftover ships from before reset appear after ship re-spawn.
  • (Bug?) Ship speed doesn't reset to slowest at death (don't remember if this was in the original).
  • (Bug?) Missiles "goes under the mountain" if it hits the tree line (don't remember if this was in the original).
  • (Bug?) First boss is sometimes invulnerable after destroying the shields (don't remember if this was in the original).
    Boss seem to be invulnerable to "Option" shots.
  • (Bug) Bonus counter resets at next level but the selection graphic is stuck on the last bonus value.
  • (Works) My Original CD32, KTRL CD32+, Boomerang and Competition Pro controllers work perfectly fine.

And like discussed with "Tiny Bobble", I prefer that "lives left"-indicator being empty while on the last life. However, this is not a bug but a personal preference.

Keep up the great work. You are awesome!

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