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Unregistered 09 November 2004 07:25

AMOSPro startup error under WinUAE
I just copied over an old amiga partition to a PC (will be working under WinUAE via Amiga Forever, v 5 if memory serves), and I need to run an AMOSPro programme I wrote about 12 years ago. Unfortunately on firing it up (or AMOSPro's interpreter for that matter) I get a 'Cannot find AMOSPro Interpreter config file" or similar.
: I can't find my old manuals and support for AMOSPro is thin on the ground. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,
Rod Whiteley

TikTok 16 November 2004 15:34

Use SnoopDOS (find it on Aminet). Run it, try to load AMOSPro, and look for any FAILs in SnoopDOS. This will tell you what AMOS is expecting to find, and where.

pjhutch 17 November 2004 23:04

Make sure you have amos.library in your Libs folder to play Amos software!

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